Hi! My name’s Oanh and I blog.

I suspect you want to know how to pronounce my name?
It’s pronounced “wun”, kind of like the number one if you have an Australian accent. The words Oanh, one and won are all homophones. And if they’re not when you say them, well, I really cannot help you. Sorry.

I have one of those blogs. You know the ones. I cannot say what it is about, as such, because it lacks a coherent theme. The only coherent theme is that the blog is written by me.

You will learn about me when you read my blog. I also tweet, should reading a blog be too great a commitment.  You can also find me on Instagram and Kollabora.

In short: books, ooh look! a pretty flower, sewing, worms, books, other stuff that takes my fancy, ooh! pretty flowers!

A Portrait of the Blogger as an Amateur Photographer

Below are a bunch of memes I have completed. They are all quite old, but most things are still valid. They’re good to read when you’re procrastinating from doing something else. Something more important. Something more difficult. Hell, even something more interesting. Go on, I won’t tell anyone.

100 things you probably don’t need to know about me

About Books

Random Things


  1. Hello there, found your blog somehow, a comment you made on the marvelous eye or something like that. I am a point and shoot person and relatively new to blogging. I like your blog, nice photos, oh yeah, I’m a cyclist too and I fell over three times when I first started clipping in. Very embarassing. I hope you stop by and say hello, and I’ll be back.


  2. I’m back! Screenpainting was too fiddly. http://fiaja.com but the old style blog from yesteryear is the purple one …experimenting with other layouts.. I think this will link to my experimental page…not the old school one.. Love your commute twits! got lots to catch up on!


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