Something Completely Different

But perhaps more similar to what my blog was before I started sewing.

As you will know if you read any post from late last year, I was pregnant. I am no longer pregnant. Rather, I have a baby. Quite a hefty thing, she is now draped over one shoulder while I half recline on the sofa. I type this post mostly one handed. One side of my singlet is covered in regurgitated breast milk (euphemistically called posset), which my sweet darling deposited while screaming from tiredness but fighting all my attempts to encourage her to sleep.

I’m not sure what worked. I walked up and down the hallway, patting her on the back, alternating between making hushing noises and singing nonsensical lullabies (of course she’ll wake when the song ends with the baby falling out of a cradle which has been irresponsibly hung in a tree! How is that a song to sleep to?) She wailed and wailed.  I had already fed her and changed her. I was on the brink of changing her again when she simply dropped off to sleep mid wail. To check, I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Out cold. I half sat down on the sofa, and I have remained in this position for an hour, as each time I go to move, she wails again. A pained wail that I have only heard a few times; the first time when she was given a jab by the midwives in hospital.

Yesterday, she would not sleep at all at this time, so I intend to remain immobilised by her until at least 2 hours have elapsed.  It is as good a time as any to attempt to update my blog.



  1. Hi Oanh! Oh my, this did bring back vivid memories for me. I also had hefty babies. My first one seemed permanently attached to a boob or lying over my shoulder and cried and cried. I developed very big calf muscles because he seemed most comforted by me doing a kind of standing rocking side to side and going up and down on my toes. I would sing until my throat was hoarse. To relieve my monotony while singing I changed the songs or made additions. Old Macdonald’s farm had many non-traditional animals and plenty of insects in the end! It helped my sanity to amuse myself this way. I also played lots of cassettes (yes, I am that old!) in the car. Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be any reason why they cry. We do all the right things. If only they could speak and tell us! They might have a headache, a sore tummy, be teething or just feel grumpy. All we can do is comfort them and love them and try not to collapse, hey? It’s so good to hear from you and please feel free to update with any stories you like, especially if it relieves the monotony/frustration/isolation. They are darlings and we love them like crazy but they are a lot of work. Best wishes. 🙂


  2. How well I remember those days when nothing seemed to stop the wailing! Hang in there, and enjoy those moments when she is happy and not wailing. Hopefully the happy time to wailing time ratio will rapidly decrease!!!!!


  3. D’oh, I meant that the happy to wailing time ratio would INCREASE rapidly. I think DD stole half my brain (and she is 11 now, so I have no real excuse).


  4. Don’t you hate it when something works but you don’t know what? In any case, a proper congratulations to you and your little family. Sounds like you will have your hands full with your darling.


  5. Congratulations on the addition to your family. And to getting her to sleep! Sounds like my daughter when she was tiny. And that’s when I started blogging. Not the blog I have now but typing was all I could do. 🙂


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