Blogs I Enjoy Reading


Warning! Warning! this page really needs updating.  

I might. Or I might not.  

Sadly, not everyone on this list is still updating. And lordy but I read and enjoy many many more blogs than I can list in this fashion.  

Have fun checking them out, if that’s your bent!



Generally Cool People: all the bloggers I read are generally cool people, but the ones listed below elide my (rather inept) categorisation.





Sewing Related

Groovy Gardeners



Whimsy & Delight


  1. Oh, how nice to elide categorisation. I think. Anyway, I was a bit late coming over this way, I will blame Twitter and teaching/marking. Mostly Twitter. I do like your new digs. I’ve had to set up a WordPress blog for teaching, or rather just to demonstrate how to set one up. While I was here I thought I might blog along with the students and now I’m trying to resist picking up sticks and coming over here from Blogger for my personal blog. What a dilemma!


  2. i’ve only read a few posts, the early ones. and i love it so far. i think it’s going to take me forever to catch up. it looks like i have five years worth.


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