25 Random Things:

Cross-posting from Facebook because I can.

25 Random Things about Me.

1. It takes two to tag Oanh before I succumb.

2. If I add up all the Random Things About Me that I’ve written, I think I come to 108. Or maybe 113. If I make it to the end of this list, that will be 133 or 138.

3. The disjunctive is because I can remember doing a 100 random things meme, and an 8 random things meme, and I think I did a 5 random things meme, or perhaps I just drafted it but never posted it (to my blog).

4. I am a little ashamed that I had to use a calculator to add 25 to 108. I added the 5 to 133 in my head.

5. Once upon a time I was *really* good at maths.

6. I wish I’d followed the maths into university. Actually, I wish I’d followed the maths into senior year.

7. Sometimes, I wish I had not let law choose me.

8. I actually love the law; I get unnervingly excited reading well written judgments. I just don’t always love working in private practise law.

9. I have a remarkable knack for getting paper cuts. I usually get two a week. Don’t let anyone tell you office jobs are not dangerous. They are dangerous.

10. I’m much happier in private practise law now that I am working four days a week.

11. I’ve still yet to do anything “productive” with my day off (Fridays, if you’re wondering).

12. A few Fridays ago, I spent a solid few hours trying to ‘clear’ our blocked shower drain. I was not successful. But the drain sure got a good clean.

13. It really is true what they say about English plumbing.

14. I am amused that my last random thing was about our crap plumbing (grr grr) and is numbered 13.

15. Sometimes, I get what I call “gravity giggles”. This is when I am laughing so hard, I have to lie down.

16. Getting gravity giggles is not helpful when you are cycling; although it does induce further bouts of gravity giggling.

17. The only falls I’ve had from my bike have been sideways slides while gravity giggling or shortly followed by gravity giggling.

18. I have sat on the ground beside my bike laughing. A couple of times, I have otherwise been alone.

19. I can laugh so hard that tears start streaming down my face.

20. You win if you can make me laugh that hard.

21. I have the urge, right now, to record and chart my gravity giggles. Perhaps on a new blog.

22. I won’t start a new blog; I’m crap enough on my main blog – must not start another.

23. Over the last few months, I have been very susceptible to ‘self-help’ things: Morning Pages and The Happiness Project (by Gretchen Rubin, not the UK based one), in particular, but also general self-help things about creativity and writing that pop up on the web.

24. My susceptibility is a little worrying.

25. I’m stuck on a 25th thing. I’d rather write this sort of thing on my blog. Cross-posting here I go.



  1. Dear Oanh,
    I saw the nice mention of my blog, The Happiness Project, here. I so much appreciate your kind words and you shining a spotlight on my blog! Thanks and best wishes, Gretchen Rubin.


  2. the thing is do you report all papercuts? i am currently wading through about 2 dozen incident reports (dont ask how that is related to being a chemist) and some of them…should not have been written.

    i once read a report for dropping a stapler on her foot. i still occasionally wonder what they did to ‘prevent’ it happening to anyone else….


  3. A friend of mine started off as a mathematician and is now a writer. It’s really interesting to see the influence of this in her writing (prose and poetry).

    what’s with english plumbing?


  4. Gretchen

    Thanks for popping by!

    Purple Orchid

    I do not fill in incident reports for my paper cuts! Although I do joke about it… I have told my boss we need to be trained on the safest way to handle paper.

    Perhaps your work needs to do training on the best way to carry a stapler? Or implement a rule that staplers can only be used while sitting at a desk.


    Is that a rhetorical question or a serious one?

    If serious, I will have to compose a blog post for you. But I thought you spent some time in UK … ? Surely you, too, have experienced the joys of the kitchen sink backing up with … ohmigod is that bathroom stuff !? (not my experience personally but it’s not an uncommon one – we just had slow running showers so I was standing in murky grey soapy hair-filled water while trying to get clean of a morning. yuk.)


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