Pattern Pyramid & Paying it Forward

My partner and I don’t really “do” Christmas, though I must say, I rather got into the spirit of it when living in the UK. Christmas, with the hope of snow, is RIGHT. Christmas, with the possibility of sweltering in 40 degrees Celsius heat and/or 90% humidity is WRONG.

Mostly not “doing Christmas” means that we don’t give each other presents.

I like giving and receiving presents. But I don’t like being told when I’m required to (you know, on people’s birthdays and ridiculous stuff like that) or for an occasion that I do not otherwise celebrate. I’m not much of an anniversary person, either. The date seems to me entirely arbitrary. I like gifting on the basis of: I was thinking of you so here you go! or Yay! Everything’s great! Have a present! etc. (Hallmark could have a field day with my version of occasions…)

Even so, I was pretty excited when I got a blogging and sewing Christmas present! I won the Pattern Pyramid, most recently hosted by Amy of Almond Rock and started by Karen of Did You Make That.


I’ve half-heartedly stalked a few pyramids as they’ve bounced around the globe. I’ve usually refrained from asking to participate when the pyramid had just recently left Australia. Once a pyramid went from Melbourne to Western Australia, and I was tempted to ask but then decided against it. It seemed wrong for it to come back to Melbourne (should I have the good fortune of winning).

Anyway, curious, I tracked MY pyramid.

It has travelled from these lovely women to me:

  • Amy of Almond Rock is in Yorkshire, UK and received hers in December 2012 from…
  • Rachel of House of Pinheiro, who is in London, UK and got hers in November 2012 all the way from …
  • Tiny of Down the Rabbit Hole in Philadelphia, USA, who gave hers away in October 2012, having received it from …
  • Jessie of imake2, who divides her time between Brighton UK and Basel, Switzerland, although I’m not sure where she was in August 2012, when she received the pyramid from …

So, this pyramid has mostly been in the UK! I tried to make a Google Map but my internet really did not like that. (All the tech nerds in the house say Boo! and Oh, Australia. *shakes head sadly*)

This is MY pyramid.

I received my pyramid about a week ago – Thank you, Amy! – but it’s taken me a while to get around to sorting myself out, to compose this post etc. I was a bit distracted by sewing. Sorry.

Anyway, this is the pattern I am choosing:

It has been in there right from the very beginning… And now it’s time is done. Because it is mine. All mine! *insert maniacal laughter*

I will be adding these patterns:

LEFT: Your Style Rocks Paperbag Ensemble Dress: I printed this out in my size (US8 / EU 36) but have decided I am highly unlikely to make it. I printed in poster size, so there is no sticky-taping together of this free PDF pattern. You’re welcome.
RIGHT: Simplicity Amazing Fit Shirt with Ruffles: I picked this up from My Favourite Op Shop Ever (one day I’ll tell you about where it is etc. But then I would have to ensure you never went there. Because its contents are mine. All mine!) but I’ve since acquired quite a few more shirt patterns, and with the ruffles, this is the least likely to be sewn. Also, the others came with a Craftsy tailored shirt-making course, which, naturally, I have listened to but have not even commenced making anything for yet. Oh dear.

These patterns can be all yours. All you have to do is comment and have an active blog. I’m going to change the rules a little and also say that you can be active on Twitter and still participate. The reason for the active blog is because when you get the pyramid, you take one pattern and offer it up again so that it keeps happily bouncing around the world, accompanied by lots of squealing. If you don’t blog but have an active Twitter account, I reckon you can still do this. The key is to be able to pass it on. Adding a pattern is a matter for you.

I will choose one recipient randomly using some random method. End date will be midnight on Monday 28 January 2012 (this is Australian Eastern Standard Time, which means GMT+11:00, because we are currently saving some daylight, but I doubt I will be very strict about this. I’m not really very strict about anything, had you noticed?)

In addition, I am Paying it Forward in 2013. This involves gifting away some crafty goodness sometime throughout this year. This suits me dandily. No occasion; deadline of my own choosing etc. The only catch is, if you wish to be a recipient of MY crafty goodness (or mediocrity)(*), you must be prepared to pass the craftiness on. It would be great if you had a blog or a Twitter or I know you in non-internet life, because that way I can tailor my craftiness to something you might even like. I mean, that’d be good, wouldn’t it? Failing that, you’ll most likely receive a tote bag. Viv of Live, Grow, Create, Nourish: you do not qualify for this 🙂 because you are already passing on the craftiness, but of course you qualify for the pattern pyramid, if you want it.

(*In case you do not want something sewn, I do / have done / continue to do on occasion crafts other than sewing. Mostly papercraft. I fold a mean paper crane. But I would not send you a paper crane. Unless you wanted one, or a hundred. Just ask.)

I will choose five people from among the commenters, also randomly using some random method, to whom I will pass on the craftiness. End date will be the same as for the pattern pyramid.

If you are interested in both pyramid and crafty goodness, just comment. You can tell me what the weather is like where you are or suggest that I improve my SEO keywords. (But if WordPress thinks you’re a spammer, well, my friend, no pattern pyramid or crafty goodness for you!)

If you are interested in one and not the other, it is best if your comment says so. ESP is not one of my many talents, mores the pity.

Also, re-tweet, re-blog, alert your friends or even enemies if you want them to receive something rather odd from me (and then let me know and I’ll do my best to cater to your wickedness). My readership is not so extensive that I am confident of having enough takers!

Comment away, folks!