Social Sewing Update

Well … Hello.

<insert profuse apologies for long absences; miscellaneous excuses boiling down to ‘life’; and a bit of misdirection of blame towards Instagram, on which I am more prolific but also absent for various periods of times for myriad Reasons and Things. Really, you don’t read me for my regularity of posting, do you? If so, how very aggravating for you. You should stop.>

If you’re in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, I have just added 2016 dates for Social Sewing on this Page here.  Please come!

If you’re not in Melbourne but you happen to be dropping into Melbourne on one of the weekends when Social Sewing is on … I would be so excited to meet you (probably in a bit of weird way, it’s true, but you know, harmless weird, honest.)

I have blog posts for you.  They are all inside my head. We need better technology.  Who is getting onto this? I need to speak with them. Now.


  1. Of course I would hear about this Social Sewing thing just as I’m about to move further away! It sounds like a lot of fun, though.

    Good luck with that instant transference technology for blog posts – this sounds like just the thing I need, too!


    1. Bummer… Could you make any before you leave? Or whenever you visit Melbourne, because you will be visiting, right?

      I’ve asked for this technology (admittedly inside my own head) for almost as long as I’ve had a blog …


  2. No worries, Oanh. I have faith in your blogging abilities — these things will make their exit from your brain, via your fingers, to this page… probably later than sooner, but that’s okay 😉

    Roomie asked me to make her two tank tops from cotton. Most of what’s available in stores is knit and she wanted plain old cotton. So I did and frequently thought of how many more times proficient you’d be at this than I, how you’d never find yourself in the tight corners I did (by short-cutting, of course)….

    Enjoy your sew gathering!


  3. Life can be such a pain when it gets in the way of crafting and blogging, can’t it? Waiting patiently for your posts and technology to get mine out of my brain as well!


    1. The technology would help us both no end! Imagine what prolific bloggers we would be. I have blog post thoughts All The Time…


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