Cheating Post part 2

I am not only the cheatingest cheating blogger, I am also the slackest.

And fond of hyperbole.

Here is part 2 of my guest post on Tin Lizzie’s blog.

One day I’ll return with an actual post on this blog. And then Angels will sing and the moon and the stars will align and volcanoes will erupt (but not hurt anybody or ruin any homes, you know, one of those benign volcanoes).



  1. can the benign volcanoes also have dinosaurs on their slopes, and dragons, please may there be dragons…benign angel loving dragons if you must… Loved both posts 😉


    1. The dragons will have to fly the dinosaurs up to meet the angels when the volcano explodes. It’s going to get unwieldy, but that’s the danger of a collective imagination.

      And thank you.


  2. I don’t know about being the slackest… I have been meaning to comment over here several posts ago and just could never remember! So I’m glad you put a post and summoned the benign volcanoes. Oh, and Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!


    1. Chuc mun nam moi to you too!

      I comment on your posts inside my head all the time! (the trouble with reading everything on a phone or tablet these days …)


    1. The link to your blog is broken? Is that supposed to be so?

      Yes, I look forward to us meeting too! I cycled past a woman who was clearly cycling her tribe to school, and I wondered if it was you and yours. (I kinda hope not because I made a poor overtaking decision which caused a bit of a ruckus and I was very apologetic, but it must have been rather annoying for her.)


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