I am famous.

This is the cheatingest of cheating posts because … It’s a link to a guest post I wrote!

Go have a sticky beak if you like my yabbering: https://tinlizzieridesagain.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/guest-blogger-oanh-in-australia/



  1. I thought you were already famous! Now you are super famous! 😉 Loved the read! I don’t call that cheating as you actually had to write a blog post. It’s just on another site. I’m also a half-way lycra person. It’s just cooler in Australia, keeps the clothes out of the chains and is also very visible. It would be lovely to be able to wear normal clothes like in the Netherlands though (and have their bike lanes!)


    1. Oh yes, indeed, but I had to pretend a certain degree of modesty…

      We can dream of a day when Australia might support bike riding in the way the Netherlands do, although I should also acknowledge that we have come a long way and in the 4-5 years I was away from Australia, cycling really took off. Would love to see many more cycling! And I have no idea why more don’t do so in Melbourne because Melbourne is FLAT (compared to some crazy insane steep Brisbane hills I remember well from my running days …)


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