Mocktails* (Melbourne Frocktails)

*Do not fear.  Alcohol was indeed imbibed at this event.

The Melbourne Frocktails event – Mocktails – went off with lots of sparkle** and laughter at Brunswick Mess Hall on Saturday night just past.

** Actually, all the sparkle was courtesy of Lara.

All up, there were 17 attendees.  I had a large post-it note to do a roll-call*, but I handed that over to our waitress, Rosie, because I had also written dietary requirements upon it!  So, no roll-call.  (*not really; but I did need reminding of who was coming, in case anyone got lost.  I’m a bit of a mother hen. No one got lost.  I handed over my post-it note with nary a thought.)  We had a few drop-outs for various very understandable reasons, and missed those who could not make it – next time! There will be multiple next times!

It is such a lot of fun to meet with like-minded folks and talk a wee bit of sewing, a wee bit travel, some politics (that happens if you ask me certain questions) and lots of tales of sewing mishaps (also, yeah, maybe just me).  Obviously I can only report on the conversations that I was party to, though clearly everyone was having a great time because I attempted to move about and join other conversations but found many already in full flow, so I slunk off until there was a conversation I could interrupt with tales of pinning my partner into his Jedediah trousers.  Hilarity all round.

I find utterly fascinating and heartwarming that we all get along so enthusiastically, united by this ostensibly solo hobby of ours.  And it never fails to delight me when we turn up our hems for each other.

Brunswick Mess Hall did a sterling job, including having a big picture of a puffin up, just for me (this last might or might not be true).  My only criticism of BMH was that it was too noisy for conversation.  That is why my idea for a future event is a picnic.  Also, I am pathetic and getting home at midnight is much too late for me.

Everyone looked, unsurprisinly, utterly fabulous.  Fabulous enough to elicit quite a few unsolicitations.  The BMH staff, in particular, really wanted to know who we all were and why we all looked so great. (“Just because we’re fabulous, darling,” seemed to be an insufficiently informative response.  I love channelling Patsy, although I am Patsy’s diametric opposite.)

There was a wee bit of that favourite game of seamstresses everywhere – Spot the Pattern!

Here’s who attended and what we all wore (I’ll update with links to blog posts as they come in, if they come in.  No blogging pressure being applied here.)  I did not take any decent photos to speak of.  Because, you know, that’s not the point.

  • Abby wore Simplicity 2444 made up in stunning floral fabric with carnations, geraniums and bell-flowers (I love playing Spot Whether the Flower was Accurately Drawn on the Fabric game. I’ve accumulated many points.)  Abby’s blog post is here.
  • Alison wore a dramatic, floor sweeping Mission Maxi (I think! Correct me if I’m wrong!) Alison has confirmed that I was right. One point for Alison, Bonus points for me.
  • Belle was stunning in a gorgeous Sew Liberated Clara dress
  • Carita astounded us with her red wool Anna, although no thigh high split shenanigans occurred…
  • Claire was also in an Anna, but not in red wool.  I must admit to being unsure of the colour (I blame the lighting, Claire!) Claire says, ” It was purple! A lovely dark dusky purple…”. I am inclined to agree!
  • Helen wore her Ballan Collection “Go Anywhere” dress –  It will go anywhere as long as that place is fabulous enough.
  • Jackie dazzled in her licorice all sorts colourful stripey skirt.
  • Jenny snuck in wearing a collarless polka dotty Alder dress.
  • Lara was sparkly!  I think if there were prizes, Lara should have won all of them.  Especially when the lights went down.  I could still read my menu as I was sitting beside Lara.  Lara’s blogpost here.
  • Laura in a sweet cherry Cambie with matching cherry brooch.
  • Liz was another Franken-patterned in her Emery / Elisalex hybrid.
  • Nee wore a lovely & beautifully fitted Flora.
  • Nichola joined the fancy knit dress crew in a royally purple Moneta.
  • Renee shone in geometric voile Staple dress.
  • Ros joined us landlocked lubbers in arrrr Pirate Washi dress me hearties.
  • Sasky wore something very sassy indeed.  I don’t have the spunk to describe it with words.
  •  And I, despite threats of Hudson pants, wore my red knit pattern smooshed Renfrew Day to Skate-done Night dress

It appears that By Hand London have won this round of “What did the Seamstresses Wear?” and that the Indies still have it over the Big 3/4/5.  We shall see how it pans out at the next meet up.

{Life is always a game and/or a competition.  Everyone’s a winner.  That’s the truth.}



  1. Fabulous dahhhlinnnkkksss 😉 I was So there in spirit from Sydney and love the review & all the pictures- brilliant work & can’t wait to see you soon & hear even more! 😉


  2. Looks like such a GREAT night…I wish I could’ve been at the Sydney and Melbourne one simultaneously! Next year we’ll all be in Melbourne…cannot wait!


  3. It was indeed an excellent night and so lovely to meet some friendly new folk… your good self included 🙂 Totally up for a picnic next time too!


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