Frocktails in Melbourne = Mocktails

So, many of you will recall the wonderful Frocktails evening organised by lovely Kat last year.  Well, this year, Kat has organised the Frocktails extravaganza in Sydney.  As some of us cannot make it, I and Helen and others we mooted the idea with at Social Sewing thought it would be fun to have a companion event on the same evening.

The real event is in Sydney.  Details are over on Kat’s blog, and linked above.  This is the companion event in Melbourne, hence Mocktails has so many meanings my head is in a spin.  It’s the Melbourne Frocktails, and it’s not the main event, geddit? Boom tish!

Date: Saturday 13 September

Venue: Probably Brunswick Mess Hall, (400 Sydney Road, Brunswick) but I haven’t booked yet.

Cost will be approx $50 per person, plus drinks but I will confirm that once I have numbers and venue etc.

If you would like to come, please let me know.  You can use whatever Internet means suit you best (this here blog post, Twitter, or Instagram).  It’s important that whatever means you notify me, that you leave me an email address, so please direct message me if via Twitter or Instagram including your email, or just make sure you complete the relevant bit of the comment form if commenting.   

Deadline for letting me know that you would like to attend is end of Friday 22 August 2014.



  1. I would love to go but will be sunning myself (in my me-made frocks) on Magnetic Island (North Queensland). Have a most excellent night gabbing on about sewing. Is there any better conversation topic?


    1. Yes, I do too! I will need to find out who we can call on the night! Or maybe we should just have lots of people calling other people at all random times to see how we are all tracking along…


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