Stone (Beige?) Jedediah Trousers

I am not slow at sewing, as such.  But it does take me a long time to complete a project.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  One is my attention span, which is kinda like a curious kitten’s.  Off I bounce to the next thing. Another is that I’m a starter of projects, and I have ideas falling out of my ears (usually my mouth, actually), but I just don’t seem to finish things. Yet another is that when I’m doing something new to me, I like to do a lot of reading and researching and pondering and procrastinating before I start.  

I am a multiple projects on the go person.  Some days, I don’t want to sit at my machine, so I’ll tape together those PDF patterns I’ve printed that are just piling themselves away on my shelf.  Some days, I want to just do something easy.  Some days, I want to learn something new.  There have to be multiple projects so I can do whatever it is that I think I want to do that day.  It’s not always the case that I’m right about myself, of course.  I’ll start something and think, ‘bleurgh! I’m going to iron instead.’ (That’s a bad day indeed.)

So, trousers for my Partner.  I echo everyone else’s positive impressions of Thread Theory’s design, instructions and the sewalong.  I’m glad it took me forever to get started on these trousers, because I had the benefit of the sewalong to guide me at all the points I found perplexing (pretty much everything; but that’s my fault and not the fault of the pattern).

I’m especially enamoured of Thread Theory’s designs because Matt’s figure is not unlike my Partner’s: tall and skinny.  I’m hopeful therefore that all the patterns will be easy to fit.

I like sewing for other people (but only if they don’t have an expectation that they’ll get anything from me anytime soon…) because I do a much better job than for myself.  

To wit:

I measured the entire flat pattern, comparing against my partner’s measurements and the measurements for a pair of his trousers.

I basted the trousers together for an initial fit.

I modified the trousers (took in about an inch from the hip area on the back leg pieces) and the trouser pattern (because there will be more)

I unpicked the fly on these trousers four times before I was happy! Four times! Can you fathom it? I did still grumble each time that I was unpicking, and it did mean I did the fly over several evenings because when I stuffed up and realised I had to unpick, I put the trousers down (the alternative was to throw them against a wall or tear them apart with my teeth).  The bonus from all that frustration was I cut out and sewed up another Lady Skater Belladone mashup as my calming “I can too sew” project amidst “the what on earth am I doing trying to sew a pair of trousers for him” project.

Tidy insides and well-done fly! Also, his insides match my Forest Jewels Belladone.  I have to contrive a way for us both to wear these at the same time so I can wander around, all chuffed at us *secretly matching*.

But look! A pair of trousers! That fit! That he says he’ll wear, and he even likes the light beige / stone / hoo boy is it ever going to get dirty coloured trousers.

Next, a shirt.

And then he won’t ever have to go shopping again.  He’ll just have to ask me real nice like if I will please pretty please sew him something to wear because everything else is falling apart, or threaten me with purchasing unethical, fast fashion.  Wait 6 months! I shall shout! Don’t buy anything unethical! Give me 6 months to make you some thoroughly slow fashioned clothes.  Handmade, with love and swear words, by me.


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