After I posted about my Clovers, I realised I wasn’t feeling the love for my little blog anymore.  Instead, all it really seems like I’m saying is, ‘Here! Look! I made this!’  And I was not even taking particularly interesting or good pictures when I was saying the above.  At least show pretty pictures, right?  I mean, I’d much prefer to do both (say interesting things paired with interesting and great pictures) but when I felt like I was doing neither? Time to stop.

Which is not to say I’ve stopped sewing.  Oh no, indeed not.  I still obsess about sewing, more than I actually sew.  I still make a wearable item every now and then, and an item I am particularly enthused about every blue moon or so.  I am still documenting my sewing, and other, obsessions.  But I am actually doing that in almost real time via the media of Twitter and Instagram.  Come follow me on those platforms, if you enjoy my ramblings.  I ramble just as much but in shorter bursts.

And I’ve recently joined Kollabora, where I am now uploading my completed sewing projects.  Kollabora allows me to share my projects, and to say as much, or as little, as I like.  It allows me to do the thing I most like about the internet and sewing: find out who else has made something, and what it looks like on them, what fabric they’ve chosen, and if they so desire to tell me, what, if any, troubles they ran into which might alert me to what, if any, troubles I might run into. I am always alert to the troubles I run into by virtue of being myself. No one else can help me with that.  

Pattern Review is also great for the above, and actually better if you’re seeking information about a pattern.  Kollabora is fabulous for inspiration and The Pretty. I’m a member of Pattern Review, too, but not a reviewer.  Those questions allows me little room to freestyle ramble,* which is clearly something I enjoy doing.

So, that’s where I am at the moment.  Elsewhere.  Come visit, if you’re so inclined.

* Once, a long time ago, I made an unrehearsed thank you speech.  After the speech, one of my friends said, “Impressive.  That was both brief and rambling at the same time.  Well done.” If you have a talent, use it.