AWW 2013 & 2014

Another AWW over. 

A new one just begun!

I bet you thought you’d got all the Christmas earworms out of your system.  Not with me in the blogosphere, you won’t. 

So, I signed up for AWW2013, with some reservations about my ability to review.  Hoo boy, was I ever correct.  I signed up for the Franklin level (read 10; review 6) as a devoted eclectic (mix your genres, branch out).

Sewing has pretty much displaced reading as my main hobby, and this year I tried some audiobooks (though not by Australian women as they were difficult to source from the library).  I had tried audiobooks in the past, but never quite ‘got’ them.  I certainly did not enjoy listening to books as much as I enjoy reading them.  The only time I successfully listened to a book was when I was at home very sick, too sick to read but well enough for my brain to race, when I was awake.  So I found some audio-crime-books and half heartedly listened.  And I sort of enjoyed audiobooks this time round, as I listened to them while I was sewing, but not quite enough.  Sometimes, when there was a good bit, I just stopped sewing to listen.  I mean, the machine is noisy. (Well, mine is. But it recently been serviced, so maybe … It’s got quieter?) This is too much mingling of my hobbies, and I still prefer MY voice when reading.  For sewing, I prefer listening to issues podcasts, especially NPR and ABC Radio National, so I’ll stick with them. 

So here’s my tally:

Books by Australian women

1. The Apricot Colonel by Marion Halligan (Crime/Romance)

2. The Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta (YA/Fantasy); actually three books.  

3. Whipping Boy by Gabrielle Lord (crime)

4. I Came To Say Goodbye by Caroline Overington (crime/thriller)

5. Murder with the Lot (crime/humour)

6. Animal People by Charlotte Wood (literature, about families)

7. Return to Coolami by Eleanor Dark (literature, about families)

8. The Pellinor Serioes by Alison Croggan (YA/fantasy), actually four books!

9. Shattered Sky by Helene Young (crime)

10. Siren by Tara Moss (crime)

11. Devils Food by Kerry Greenwood (crime; I like Corinna Chapman much more than Phrynne Fisher, just, you know, by the by.)

12. Manhattan Dreaming by Anita Heiss (romance)

13. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (thriller)

14. Dark Places by Kate Grenville (literature)

15. Tom Appleby Convict Boy by Jackie French (YA)

16. The Alphabet of Light and Dark by Danielle Wood (literature)

17. Addition by Toni Jordan (literature)

18. This is Shyness series by Leanne Hall (YA/sci-fi) two books! Not sure (but hope) there will be more!

19. Behind the Moon by Hsu Ming Teo (literature)

Books by Australian men

1. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion (romance)

2. Look Who’s Morphing by Tom Cho (short stories)

3. The Daughters of Mars by Thomas Kenneally (literature)

Books by non-Australian women

1. A Cotswold Killing by Rebecca Tope (crime)

2. All Good Children by Catherine Austen (YA/sci-fi)

3. The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elizabeth Tova Bailey (personal/memoir)

4. Outback by Robin Stevenson (YA)

5. The Bridge by Jane Higgins (YA/sci-fi).

6. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (thriller)

Books by non-Australian men

1. The Passage by Justin Cronin (sci-fi)

2. Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson (suspense)

3. the Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell (literature?)

4. Farewell My Lovely by Raymond Chandler (crime)

6. Un Lun Dun by China Mieville (YA/sci-fi)

I actually have read more than I thought I read, especially as I am counting completed series as one book rather than the multiples that form them.  It is Goodreads laziness that leads me to do this…

But AWW 2014? I won’t sign up.  Not that I don’t think it is an excellent idea, and a magnificent resource.  I still read the AWW blog, and squirrel away authors’ names to investigate in the future.  I doubt very much my ability to review books here very often; most of my reviews are on Goodreads, and they are not reviews as such, more like memory notes for myself.

Here’s to more reading.  (That’s not a resolution. I always want to read more.  Time is my problem. Time. It’s not on my side.)

Thought I’d close with another earworm for you.  You’re welcome.



  1. I was an obsessive reader pre-sewing… massive. Now, like you, time alludes me & I agree audio books ain’t the same.
    My Bernina is a jealous girl & just won’t spare me


    1. This is quite a good number of books, given how much of my spare time I now devote to sewing. It helped that I’ve changed what I read, to more thrillers and crime, and less literary fiction …

      How do we get more time?!


  2. Great to see your listing! I’ve been meaning to read Marchetta’s trilogy for TWO YEARS now. Must get onto that…

    Also: is Gillian Flynn an Australian writer? I read Gone Girl last year, too, so this is purely a selfish way to try and boost my stats.


    1. Marchetta’s trilogy is excellent. Do read it. It’s not one I can loan to you, however, as I read it via the library, both dead tree and ebook for different books.

      I enjoyed Croggan’s quatrology (yeah, just making that word up), too. You wanna borrow? No return date 🙂

      And Gillian Flynn? I have no idea why I think she’s Australian. She’d been on my to-read list under crime and noted as Aus, but I do not now know why I did that. I compile my to read list while read blogs and magazine/newspaper book reviews, so … Oopsie. Shall correct. Sorry not to increase your numbers!!


  3. Oanh! Oh my goodness, how did I not know that Melina Marchetta had written more Lumatere books??? I adored Finnikin of the Rock, but thought it was just a standalone… Yay!!! Books 2 and 3 here I come 🙂


  4. Wow- that’s some list! Glad to see you come back, however briefly. What’s this Kollabara (sp?) thing I keep hearing about where you’re spending time? I refuse to google it because that means more work for me bwahaha.

    Tseen- I don’t think GF is australian, but OMG “Gone Girl” was amazing!


    1. I discuss Kollabora in my next post! (In draft) It’s a bit like Pattern Review, but more pretty pictures & I think the makers wanted it to be Ravelry for all the crafts. Not that I know anything about Ravelry, but you natty knitters seem to love it.

      Must correct my GF mis-categorisation … Oh dear.


    2. I couldn’t stop reading Gone Girl – heard that there’s a movie being made of it (of course!), and will be v. interested in how they handle the multiple POVs… 😉


  5. I like to listen to audiobooks while doing routine cutting out (which I hate). It helps things along. Not when I’m doing cutting that requires thinking because then I end up forgetting to make alterations etc.


    1. Yes, I find myself too caught up in what I’m listening to and end up making silly, avoidable, if-only-I-was-concentrating mistakes!


  6. Audiobooks took some getting used to for me, too, even though I’m mostly listening while commuting. I do find, however, that I cannot remember names at all even just after listening — I have to see it to remember 😉 Suspense/thriller/mystery are some of my favorite categories so, if you don’t mind, I’ll have a rummage through your list and try a few.


  7. Wow. In awe of your reading tally. I so wish I could settle with a good book. I’m a freelance designer for the publishing industry with so many good ones at my fingertips. But when do I do it? ;-/


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