The Clovers that Almost Couldn’t 

Like so many of my sewing projects, I started the Colette Clover trousers an eon ago.  (Seriously, months and months and months.)  But they are finally done, and perfectly wearable.

(I have decided that I must not look at the camera when taking these shots, because I just end up glaring at you. Sorry about that.  I’ve decided it’s best if I pull faces looking away from the camera.  It’s clearly much more charming.)

These were intended as a wearable muslin, which they certainly are.  I’m just unlikely to make another pair.  Why? I pretty much want to change the entire style of the trousers … So I should just make some other sort.  For example, the leg is too tapered; I don’t like the zip at the side (also, I put it in the wrong side because I got confused); there are no pockets (I’m aware the pattern has a pocket; it’s one of those useless hidden ones that only fits a bank card.  Not my kind of pocket).  I’m not sure if it’s the style or something I did wrong when I sewed, but the crotch area is much too tight.  I cannot take a comfortably large step, and the reason I like to wear trousers is because I like to leap stairs.  Also also, these are pretty much super fancy leggings.  I may as well just make leggings; they are way easier and more comfortable to wear.

I definitely need to make trousers, however.  So in the queue is a pair of Thurlows (but I’ll taper the legs in a bit), and some other pattern.  Just trying to find the right one.  And prior to trousers for me, I plan to make a pair of Jedidiah trousers for my partner.  I cut those out two Social Sewing days ago (which is more than 2 months). They’ll most likely be done before his birthday next year … Maybe.

Lastly, I might go quiet on this space for a while. I think I’m finally becoming a micro-blogger.  I have Twitter, of course, and recently joined Instagram (I’m 1Oanh if you want to find me there). Sewing is peculiarly suited to micro blogging, and I don’t have much wisdom to impart about my sewing.  I also don’t blog quickly enough for my mistakes to help another sewist.  Usually by the time I get around to blogging my completed garment, I’ve forgotten about the mistake or cannot recall exactly how I muddled through.  I just muddled and then,Ta da! Done.  Usually, I walk away and come back later and then, Ta da! Done.

So, I’m signing off here, because I feel like I’m not saying very much.  Undoubtedly I’ll be back because I’ve done this leaving and coming back thing plenty of times on my blog.  I like it here. But I’ll just be elsewhere on the internets until I feel like coming back here again. And I’m still reading you *insert evil cackle*.