Sticking with The Plan?

I’m glad I wrote about The Plan way back in November last year, as I do seem to have a bit of trouble sticking with it. I have made way more dresses than the Oanh who declares ‘I don’t wear dresses’ is really comfortable with. But I am now wearing more dresses!

So, what have I made from The Plan?

1. Sorbetto with sleeves. Unblogged, not much to say about it really (except I didn’t like the sleeves as there was much too much fabric flapping about, and I eventually fixed it by creating an inverted pleat). And I’ve also given it away to my sister…

20130808-091856.jpg I look ridiculous but here’s the top. I failed to take any other photos before giving the top away.

2. An Alma. I plan more, really I do. But I cannot make another one for me until I finish the ones I have promised my sisters. Oh, why do I have to have so many sisters?

3. No other tops! Oh dear. I still want the warm outer layers, but I might need to make them for next winter at this rate … 2 out of 5. I’m failing tops. Oh, wait, I’m a liar. I made a Pavlova wrap top, just haven’t blogged it yet.

4. I made leggings! Two pairs even! But not the Papercut Pattern ones (I think I will await the glorious day when the angels bring me an overlocker, and the space to keep it, before I purchase this pattern). I drafted my own leggings based on an Etsy tutorial. These were super quick, and not much else to say about them really.

20130808-144552.jpg I made leggings back in February!

I have made no other bottoms, but am about three-quarters of the way through a Clover wearable muslin. So. Very. Close. (But interrupted because we moved house (Woot! Woot!) then it’s been busy at work – well, it’s always busy at work -, then we have adorable visitors and then it will be 2014 before I finish the pants because I’ll get distracted by something real shiny like).

5. I pass the Dresses category! I’ve made three (Tiramisu, Cambie and Eva) from my list. I’ve still not acquired the Sewn Go Anywhere dress, but instead have acquired myriad others, some of which I’ve even made up (Sureau). I’ve also cut out the Belladone but in a fit of guilt that I had not sewn any trousers, I’ve parked sewing her up in favour of sewing up the Clovers.

6. I haven’t made any of those little things listed (except bags, lots of bags!) I have made myself a wallet and other random bits and bobs, like a Door Snake (also known as a Draught Excluder), which used up all my fabric scraps!

Future Plans

I really need a list to remind me of the things I want to sew soonish because it helps me not get too lost when I get derailed by shiny pretty unsuitable new things that everyone else on the Internet is making. That’s not to say I’m berating myself overly much for following a tangent. It’s a hobby, after all. I am supposed to have fun. I forgive myself.

In the near future:

  • tee shirts, long and short sleeve, using Maria Denmark’s Birgitte pattern. I will have to write a post publicly flaying myself for avoiding Maria’s awesome patterns because they were PDF ones. Having avoided them, I bought a few when Maria had a special, pieced the PDF pattern together, converted and now own all of them, except Edith, the latest. But I’ll buy her just as soon as Edith C is released. Swear.
  • that waist coat vest. I even acquired another pattern (a Burda pattern) for a vest. I love wearing vests and waist coats, so I need to make more.
  • a knit pencil skirt. Still undecided of pattern – Style Arc’s Ali or Ursula, or a version of the Pavlova skirts? I think I can leap 4 stairs at a time in a knit pencil skirt. Okay, maybe 3?
  • some ponti trousers. Not sure of pattern yet. Style Arc has a few contenders.
  • a lady skater dress. This dress is too awesome not to sew up.
  • um, an Audrey dress. I will wear knit dresses, I swear.
  • I still want to make a wrap or mock wrap knit dress. Style Arc’s Mia remains in contention and Style Arc’s Slip On Suzie has joined the ranks of wannabes as well.
  • Victory Patterns’ Hazel or Colette Patterns’ Laurel. I know the shift style suits me. These would make great work dresses. Look at Funkbunny’s gorgeous version of Hazel.
  • Avocado hoodies, one for my partner, one for me, just like they’re meant to be made
  • Jedediah trousers for my partner. He needs this.

I’m starting to learn that if I have a pattern, no fabric, but an idea about what kind of fabric I want to make the pattern out of, I will never find the fabric and never make the pattern. I need to have fabric, and then match a pattern to the fabric, not the other way around. So, this means I have to drastically increase my fabric stash. Terrible situation to be in, no?

20130808-150843.jpg This is my current fabric stash in MY NEW SEWING ROOM. We have (from the bottom) Miscellaneous throws, scarves & sarongs not for sewing but they don’t currently live anywhere else); Knit fabrics – dark & blue spectrum; Knit fabrics – light & bright spectrum; Woven fabrics – dark & blue; Woven fabrics – light & bright. Current WIPs are hanging.

20130808-151338.jpg And this is MY NEW SEWING ROOM. I face the fabric stash & current WIPs.

I have a NEW SEWING ROOM. Can you tell I am EXCITED about it?



  1. Oh sooooo happy you have a sewing room – and it’s actually tidy! How long can that last???
    I love making lists of things to make… but I go into the sewing room and the drunk monkey that lives there convinces me to sew something/anything else….
    See you in September!!


    1. I am a generally tidy person, so I reckon it will last reasonably well. And I take great pleasure in unrolling and re-arranging my fabric stash …

      Looking forward to seeing you in September!


  2. I’m so terrible at sticking to lists, that I’ve given up on them. I’m currently having a little play with silk. I started easy – as scarf – and I’m heading towards (if I don’t get distracted) as dress or top to wear on Saturday night. If I could only settle on which pattern to use!


    1. I love lists, but I am not slavish to them. I do need them though, to remind me of the gaps in my wardrobe that need plugging, otherwise I would just end up with a lot of dresses in crazy prints and I would still be wondering what to wear to work today!


    1. Ha! Thanks for seeing it like that. And it’s only tidy because I just moved into it and haven’t sewn anything in the space yet!


  3. WOO! Hooray for sewing rooms! I looks like you now have the aforementioned space for an overlocker 😉
    You missed one VERY important thing off your list up there missy! A reflective bias belladone! 😛
    Also, Can I invite myself around for tea to see your new house? *innocent look*


    1. Yes! The Belladone. I haven’t forgotten – it doesn’t quite fit into my making for wearability; but its definitely to be made. Then we can go for an some bike ride, too! I wonder if the reflective will go with the current yellow I’ve already cut out for the Belladone or whether I will look too much like I’ve made a dress out of hi-vis outerwear?

      Yes! Come over for tea. We can discuss at Social Sewing 🙂


  4. Your new sewing room looks fabulous! How nice for you. I don’t know why you gave away that Sorbetto, I think it’s just gorgeous! I’m not one for complicated plans and lists with my sewing. I like to be able to sew what I feel like at the time!


    1. I liked the Sorbetto;nothing’s at all was wrong with it once I fixed the flappy sleeves. I gave away the Sorbetto because my sister tried it on and it looked better on her, so I said she could have it. She does this often with her clothes on me, so fair’s fair!


  5. Yay excitement for a SEWING ROOM!!! And what a fabulous sewing room it is, too. With such an organised and pretty stash to gaze upon! Good work on using the word ‘near’ instead of locking in an actual date. My to-sew list is as long as your and changes everyweek. ha!


  6. Lists and plans. Wow I am very impressed because I don’t do lists in the sewing room. There are many reasons for this but effectively anyone who successfully does lists is brilliant, in my book.

    And you are muslining clovers? Oh please do tell more about this as I’m deed keen to find out more on skinny trou from anyone who has tried them too. Oh please? 🙂

    My sewing room is terrible. I can’t find anything of use most of the time and its getting to the point where I’ll either start avoiding going in because of the mess or have to spend a day clearing it out. I could find all sorts of fascinating things. I could!

    PS Did I say I like your lists? 😉


  7. That is a lovley top! Congratulations on a; having a plan b; having a tidy sewing room c; having a reasonable, within boundries, stash.d; sticking to plan, see a;


    1. Thank you! The manageability of my stash was entirely due to lack of storage in my old home. Lets see how I go in this new space!


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