All About Eva

Eva, along with the Cambie dress, was one of the patterns I intended to make this year. So, I might be sticking with the plan. Well done, me.

I started this dress back in March, at Social Sewing. Eva sewed up real quick like. The only trouble I had was with the cowl neck (actually, the back neck, not the cowl itself, but how the back came together with the cowl neck), and I unpicked and did it twice before getting it right. I do not recall now what getting it right entailed. After that hurdle, the entire thing came together ridiculously quickly, and Eva was pretty much finished a few days after I started.

I know. That never happens. But don’t worry, I fell into the usual pattern for me.

Eva, as she was in late March. Pretty much complete, except for hemming.


I left Eva like this for months. I did not like Eva when I’d finished her to the above stage. I knew that some of my dislike was the length, but I just could not work out what length to cut her at. Which is utterly stupid of me, because there is pretty much only one length I wear in dresses: around my knees.

I also could not work out how I wanted to hem the dress. So it sat with my works in progress, and I made other things. Anything, really. Until the guilt got too much for me and I just measured roughly 22 inches from roughly where the waist was (can you tell that I did this part very accurately?) and cut the hem with the same tricky technique I’d used on the Tiramisu: overlaying the pattern piece, matching to side seams, to get the curve right.

Eva, after I finally plunged in and cut it to the length that I like wearing dresses. Looks much better! Now she’s wearable.


It’s actually a little bit shorter than I would like, especially for a work dress (oopsie), and I’m still not all that taken with her, so I’m going to leave the hem raw. She’ll be worn; I just don’t love her enough to try any harder.

One of things I do like, however, is the cowl neck. I might make this again but as a top.


The back, for waist shaping.


That’s it, really. Eva: she’s all right..

*Update!* I wore Eva for a day at work, and she is wonderfully comfortable. No one complimented me (woe!) but I figure that was because the colour is really drab. Workwear was so successful, I’m considering hemming Eva #1 (I know! Revolutionary!) and making another, perhaps in a less boring colour.



  1. You have a knack for choosing some lovely patterns. Eva looks lovely on you — even in that businessy colour. And, hey, when does Purple Eva get made?

    …and you’ve made me want to find my All About Eve video (yes, video, and VHS at that).


    1. Thank you! Purple Eva is in the future, if she eventuated at all… After all there might be another pattern that I decide to make from the purple knit 🙂 I’m a wee bit flighty …

      You still have VHS? I love the movie All About Eve!


      1. [mumbles] well, yes, I still have VHS 😉 And a stack of old Hitchcocks.

        Have you written about how you manage hems with knit? I’d like to know how you manage to keep it from puckering.

      2. I haven’t yet ‘settled’ on a knit hemming method. At the moment, I either use a stretch twin needle or a small zig zag stitch.

  2. I LOVE the cowl on this – it would translate fabulously as a top! I much prefer the shorter length on you. And so interesting from the back. A sewing win? 🙂


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