Photo a Day

Shortly before Christmas, I got an iPhone. I was pretty excited to have a new camera to play with (yes, that is what the iPhone is to me, why do you ask?) and I had this amazing idea that no one has ever had before to try to take a photo every day!

Okay, so plenty of people have had this idea. I’ve even entertained the idea multiple times about trying to take a photo a day, and maybe blog it. But I’ve always been too lazy to process that many photos. The only time I can recall taking a photo almost every single day was on our Our Bike Trip, and even then, I think my partner was the greater photo taking culprit. And blogging every single day? As if.

But, you know. Twitter. Oh yes indeed. And I thought, I could do photos a day and then maybe a monthly round up on the blog. But now it’s almost mid march, and no monthly round up.

I’ve not even managed to do a monthly round up of photos!

So, I am playing along with the Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day challenge, because I need prompts.

I did really well in January. Look!


Some of the days are missing because I was busy. I didn’t decide to start until 10 January. Some of the days, I just wasn’t inspired the prompt, and it was too difficult to try any harder. I have some serious attitude problems. I thought I did fairly well, given my issues.

But I did not do so well in February.

Look at the fail:

Still, plough on, Oanh. It’s a new month. You can do this thing (maybe).



  1. This looks like a lot of fun, but I don’t think I could sustain it! Let alone blog about it… I’m interested in your application for March though 🙂


    1. Hey Greg! I’m not exactly sustaining it either. And I really do have a terrible attitude; if I don’t like the prompt, I take no relevant photo that day and font even try to interpret it into something I would like more! Ah yes, March. Not doing do great so far…


    1. March is looking a lot like February 🙂 I like the app, though. It’s a simple visual reference of my commitment (or lack…) to the Photo A Day game.


  2. I won’t ask about March because you don’t need the pressure. ‘Tis sposed to be fun. Right?

    And yes I love the idea that an iPhone is a new camera. For me it would be a camera that occasionally rings and can be used to send SMS messages.


  3. I really enjoy your pics. Are you on Flickr by any chance? If you share via Creative Commons, would love to add you to my contacts list so I can pilfer from your lovely archives for Research Whisperer or Banana Lounge posts… 😉


    1. No, lady, you are supposed to take your own pics for your blog, remember?

      I am on Flickr, but only from the point of view of taking internet real estate. I don’t like the user interface.

      You have my license to use my pics from this blog for whatever nefarious purposes your heart desires. If you need a pic with more megapixels, just ask & I shall provide. I know that doesn’t help much because searching this blog is not the greatest (I really need to listen to the spammers on how best to use SEO tags etc as if).


      The above license is for Tseen only.

      You other folks who might want to use my pics (hello! & really? How nice!), you may do so with attribution & link backs, and, unless we’ve interacted (whether on or off teh internets), I’m unlikely to jump at giving you a full size image.


      1. Darn it! Why must you read my blogposts?! Yes, I do enjoy taking pics for the blogs but, sometimes, y’know… Thank you for the licence to be nefarious – will totes make use of it!

      1. Oh I give myself about a month. But I figure while I’m interested I might aswell ride that wave.
        I don’t take enough photos.

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