Now is the time for choosing who gets the Pattern Pyramid!

But before that happens, these are the people whom I will be gifting some crafty goodness to sometime throughout the year:

Helpfully, only six people wanted a crafty gift from me (what, were the rest of you afraid of what I might come up with, hmm?) and I figured six is 2 months each (minus the fact that one month has disappeared into the ether, but details, tish) and I can totally do that. Plus, after I posted about the pattern pyramid, I had some agonising moments worrying about how only one person would win the pyramid. This makes me sad. I wish you all could win everything, all the time.

Now, I will have to spend some time reading your archives to get ideas. I am one of those people who, when they discover a new blog, read right from the beginning. Frightening, isn’t it?

And I will email you all in the next week or so for details and stuff like that.  Don’t forget, if you want a gazillion paper cranes, you better say so soon.

So, how did I choose the winner?

I printed out all the comments, and removed the lovely Anne who just wanted to comment for the fun of it (thanks, Anne, for still reading me on my detours away from flowers!)

Comments printed out on ex-work paper, then folded in half to ensure randomness. Unfortunately, I have a fairly good memory for details, so I had rough ideas about who posted lengthier or shorter comments. I could not fairly or randomly choose.

I visited Rachel for a spot of home made strawberry ice-cream & sorbet (YUM! I ate both because I am a greedy guts) and asked Rachel to choose from the printed out comments.

The suspense, right? It’s … suspenseful.

She chose:

So, the pattern pyramid is staying in the southern hemisphere but is off to New Zealand!

I will email you, Ms Curious Kiwi, for your details.

Thanks for playing along. Sorry, you did not all win :-/
But there are plenty of pyramids to stalk. Matter of fact, Rachel has one!

Now back to my regularly scheduled periods of silence. Two posts in a week is really overdoing it, no?

Anne, I know you read all the way to the bottom. Thank you. Here are some wildflower orchids from Montenegro. I wish I could give them to you in person.



  1. Crafty Goodness heading my way – well a huge ‘thank-you’ from me! Now I will sit here trying to pre-guess what you are going to whip up for everyone…something crazily creative I am sure!!!
    And congratulations to Julie – you will have fun with the cabbage patch patterns, making up a heap of cute little outfits…


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