The Shortest Blog Post I May Ever Write With The Longest Title I Could Construct

Revel in my brevity, friends. This is not a new direction for My Blog, as much as you may think the topics I write on swerve all over the place. Rather, my Social Sewing buddies were quite taken with my pincushion. I mean, it is thoroughly amazing. Altruistically, they wanted me to astound you, too, with my innovation and sheer genius.

So drum roll, please, as I present

Le Pincushione! (that’s not-French for pincushion)


Yes, it’s a paper clip keeper. You can buy one for the princely sum of AUD$2.95 at any stationery store (but in case you want this exact one, I got mine from Officeworks on Russell St, Melbourne CBD).

I like it because I did not have a pincushion, did not want a cushion-y one and Officeworks was nearer than a fabric /sewing shop. Also you can push all the pins down into the middle and never a pin shall escape.

The End

(This is the part where you applaud.)

Hat tip to Rachel of My Messings for the encouragement.



  1. Great idea! I have a little tin so the cat can’t get them, but it’s a pain opening and shutting it all the time (first world problem right?)


  2. My Mum has always kept her pins in one of these, I remember when I was learning to sew with her and she showed me how to shake it upside down to get more pins sticking out the top! 🙂


      1. Haha, sorry to burst your bubble. I think maybe you can claim retro cred, it wasn’t that long ago 😉 It is a fantastic idea though and I had completely forgotten about it until you posted this 🙂

  3. Still genius. I have one of those magnet pincushions, but I want to put a magnet inside a tin for a more portable option. Maybe one of my spare Amatller tins with the Mucha illustration on the front?


      1. And more conducive to being thrown in my bag. As we demonstrated at Social Sewing, your pin box is pretty damn good at keeping pins in, but if you try hard enough you can knock them out. And I already have several dressmaker’s pins knocking around in the bottom of my handbag…

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