2012 – the year of sewing dangerously

Gillian,of Crafting a Rainbow, has a great sewing reflection series of posts planned for the end of the year. She’s invited everyone to join in, and I’m going to join in, although rather pathetically. Basically, I’m just bundling everything all together in this post, because I have not sewn enough to have Top 5 Makes, nor enough to have Top 5 Fails, nor etc. By my mathematics, that means I would have to have sewn at least 10 things. I don’t think I have (unless you include tote bags, in which case, ha, I’m a sewing MACHINE. No, hang on. I just own one).

Top 5 of 2012What I sewed 2012

  • one x toiletry bag
  • one x “bus stop” bag
  • 2 x Two-zip hipster bag; one for him; one for me
  • 4 x Renfrew tees (2 borderline fail, one fantastic (green, round neck), one sort-of fail (blue, v-neck).  I wear all of them. Interestingly, one of the borderline fails – the first v-neck Renfrew – I wear lots. To sleep in.)
  • 2 x Sorbetto (one sleeveless; one with sleeves – yet to be posted. Both awesome, even if I have to say it myself)
  • 1 x Thurlow shorts – well, not quite finished. Definitely fail!
  • 1 x Tiramisu dress (awesome. And you lovely folks out there agree with me. Aw, shucks.)
  • 1 x sack dress (FAIL – got converted to a borderline fail Renfrew tee. I blame the fabric. No photos were ever taken of the sack.)
  • 1 x wrap dress (FAIL, but not because it was badly constructed. It was awesomely constructed. Just too large, and therefore frumpy on shorty-pants me. I’m sure a tall person could rock the dress. Perhaps if they were Amish.)

Hey, would you look at that. Even if I don’t count the bags, I’ve sewn at least 10 things. Of which there are five fails / borderline fails / unfinished because if I finished it, it would be a fail. But hey, that makes 6 successes, of which 4 are awesome successes. And this is doubly awesome because I properly got into sewing in about July, when my partner had a work trip overseas and I had the whole house to strew fabric, pins, thread and pattern paper all over. I think I ate dinner standing up a few times that week.

I am hoping that between now and the end of the year, I will manage to sew some more things. Right now I want to sew another Tiramisu dress, and an Alma blouse, and some more Renfrew tees, and a pair of shorts, and a … Yes, you see my problem, don’t you?

Focus, Oanh, focus.

What I plan to sew 2013
Well, I’ve already told you all my plans. Nothing on that list has changed, except that the Cambie dress is winging its way back into my affections again (and I blame the top 5 posts for that, but if it hits critical mass, then it will fall off again. I’m a fickle sort.)

Already cut out is my first Alma blouse in blue floral fabric, snaffled from Kat.  Thank you, Kat!  And I intend to make the Eva dress, out of boring grey fabric, Very Soon.

Now, added to that list, are some lovely vintage patterns I picked up from The Best Op Shop in All of Melbourne (No Hyperbole, Swear): 3 patterns for $1. Three! For a $1! $1!

Vogue wrap dress, top & pants and wrap maxi! I’m guessing from the 70s.

A-line shift dress with ginormous patch pockets. 60s?

A dress. No idea how to describe this. That beehive hairdo? Definitely 60s.

And on the same day I found those 3 patterns for $1! Three! For a $1! $1! I found some material that was exactly like a beloved summer dress I used to own when I was in university and a bit more gamine and dippy-hippy(*) than I am now. Now I am most definitely Professional and Boring. But with this fabric – it is navy blue, with elephants – I am totally going to make me a shift dress to return myself to the halcyon dippy-hippy days.

(* the truth is, I was never really a dippy-hippy. I just dressed like one sometimes. Just like I also dressed like a punk-goth sometimes. But that was a long time ago. Let’s not mention it. Actually, no! Let’s mention it! I found some photos of me dressed for a punk-goth night out (purple furry shorts, corset-cinch thing, pale make-up – hard work on Asian skin -, crazy hair and loud jewellery) and I looked awesome! But that’s not me anymore. See professional BORING.)

(In case you are wondering or a wee bit worried (aw, thanks), I don’t actually consider myself professional boring. But it is a fairly good description of how I dress most days. That’s all.)

Yes, so that’s the plan, right. You got that? Good. Remind me to focus.



    1. Hi Mary! Thanks for visiting.
      Yes, it is a good way for me at least to mark my progress. I thought I’d been a bit slacker but looking at the list makes me think I haven’t done too badly.


  1. You should make a cambie, they are lovely to make 🙂 Even if they are all over the blogosphere, there still won’t be as many in existence as ANY dress available from cue!


  2. Nice summary of your first sewing season! I’m sorry the Thurlow shorts haven’t quite worked out. I remember your enthusiasm for the pattern early on.

    That you wear your fail shirt to sleep makes me smile. When we first came to the States as refugees, our cousins in Pennsylvania would send us boxes of their cast-offs. Whatever fit and looked okay, we wore. Everything else we relegated to sleep clothes. There were A LOT of sleep clothes.


    1. I remember my mother wore a Love Coca Cola tee shirt for a long time, one of the prize finds from the cast offs we were given!

      I’m still enthusiastic for Thurlows and will try again 😀


  3. (Came over from Gillian’s – Hi!)

    Fantastic post! I had to laugh, because my husband went out of town for a week in March and I did the same exact thing! It was so fun!

    I think you should start with the Eva dress, because I really want to see that one. 🙂 It’s been on my radar for a long time, but I don’t see a lot of FOs out there.

    And I’m WAY jealous of your patterns – $1!! And they’re fantastic!


    1. Hi Gail!
      I know… I feel a bit guilty for looking forward to my partner being away so I am spend all my time sewing and just having toast for tea… But I am much better now at being a wee bit more compact when sewing.
      Okay, better chivvy along with the Eva dress!


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