The Best Laid Plans

My plan is to sew everything I wear, including underwear.  Ridiculously ambitious? Yes.  In this regard, I prefer the cheesy self-help-ness of “Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” to Robert Burns’ more poetic (and rather more Scottish):

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,
Gang aft agley,
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!

(Read that aloud.  You will find the meaning clear.)

I am fairly boring in how I dress, and very much have a uniform.  My uniform has developed, mostly sub-consciously, because I prefer comfort and practicality to style, and I don’t like fuss in my clothes.  I tend to do odd things, like leap stairs four at a time, and I need my clothes to permit me to do that.  That’s not to say I won’t be distracted by, and covet, the pretty, the impractical and the down-right unsuitable (for me).

This is what I plan to make in the near future(*):

(* “Near Future” means the next 12 months or thereabouts, perhaps longer. I can re-assess this plan.)



  • Colette Sorbetto tops, with sleeves.  I rarely wear sleeveless tops. But maybe a few sleeveless ones as well.  I do live in Australia, after all.
  • Alma tops: cap, short and long sleeves.  They’re gorgeous and seem almost perfect for work.
  • Waist coats (vests): work ones and casual ones.
  • Transitional warm outer (vest and jacket of sorts): I want to make Views B and D from McCalls B5394.  A is just silly.
  • Button-through shirts (long and short sleeves).  I am going to get these to work for me.  I have signed up to the Craftsy course The Classic Tailored Shirt.  I listen to it while sewing other things.  This counts! (You know, learn by osmosis.)

McCalls B5394


  • Running shorts (I think I can draft my own pattern for these! But it’s gonna have pockets. Oh, yes indeed. In which case, | will follow Rachel’s tutorial for in-seam pockets.)
  • Thurlow shorts
  • Thurlow trousers (a work pair and a casual pair. I told you this was an ambitious plan.)
  • Other trousers: Maybe the Colette Clovers? I do not yet own this pattern.
  • Leggings: I like this leggings pattern a lot. I would not, however, make them in white. Lordy me. No, no, no.  I do not yet own this pattern.

Ooh La leggings by Papercut Patterns


  • Wrap dress (for work). Currently I have this pattern and it’s half cut out, but I’m not quite persuaded. I might need a different pattern.
  • Sewn Square One Go Anywhere dress. This could be an excellent work dress. I do not yet own this pattern.

Go Anywhere Dress by Sewn Square One

  • Tshirt dress (casual). I can modify the Renfrew pattern to make this work for me. Of course I can.
  • Tiramisu dress by Cake Patterns (work and nice-casual, me thinks). I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my pre-ordered pattern.  It might replace the Vogue wrap dress pattern!  (It’s okay. I know it’s only a fake wrap dress.  This is probably safer for me anyway: see “leaping stairs four at a time.”)
  • Eva dress (for casual days at work and for “occasions,” whatever they be).  I like that Your Style Rocks issue their PDF patterns in large format size for printing at the copy shop.  FYI – it costs $3.69 per A0 sized page at Officeworks.  You can organise it all online (upload file etc) and then go into the store to pick it up (or have it delivered to you).
  • Sewaholic Cambie dress (for those “occasions” again; although I think I am suffering from Cambie fatigue. There are too many on the internet and I’m not certain I want to make this anymore. At least, not as certain as I was. I think. I’ve put off buying the pattern, again. I need to mull some more.)

Eva Dress by Your Style Rocks

  • The StyleArc Mia dress. I know this is irrational but their faceless drawings really put me off. I have not yet been able to bring myself to buy the pattern because of that faceless drawing, and also because there are no pictures of the pattern sewn up, only line drawings. Makes me nervous.  They also have a heap of trouser patterns that I am tempted by (particularly the Willow Pant and the Katherine Pant. But that faceless drawing. Eek!)

Look – it’s creepy. (It’s so creepy, I almost can’t bear to put this into the post. I’m going to shut my eyes and scroll down.)

Mia Dress by Style Arc

Other non-clothing things

  • Luggage tags
  • Zipper pouches
  • A pencil wrap for my partner (button holing practice!)
  • More bags. Lots of bags.

Will I succeed in making them all? Undoubtedly not. But I’m gonna have a hell of a time trying.



  1. I don’t think your plan is overly ambitious. In fact, you’re in great company, quite a few people have taken the “Seamless Pledge” (me being one of them). At this point, I haven’t bought any RTW clothes for roughly 6 months, and the only piece de resistance are bras (I do have one pattern, and have come as far as cutting out all pieces from some jersey leftovers).
    You can do it!


    1. I’ve kind of taken the seamless pledge in my head but haven’t formally taken it. I need to make a few more wearable successes before doing so!


  2. How had I not seen the eva dress before? I’m in love!

    I’ve basically also said the same as you inside my head, wanting to sew everything, but I do still buy the occasional thing (eg the leggings I bought the other week), so haven’t actually made a ‘pledge’ (yet).

    I love the aiming high plan, good luck and can’t wait to see your progress with it.


    1. No, only time … (as per always). Thanks – the Eva dress does seem to be a good dressy dress, whilst also unfussy, which is good for me!


      1. Oh, that’s a bummer! I’m sure it would be fairly easy to adjust, especially with your skills! But yes, there are plenty of dresses out there!!

  3. Hi Oanh! Thanks so much for you post on my blog – I ran right over here to check out yours, and I just love it! You’ve got so much personality in your writing. It was really fun to read through your posts!
    Your plans are ambitious but awesome – I look forward to seeing all those projects come to life!


    1. A real pleasure, Gillian. Thanks for visiting me. Yes, I don’t think I would ever fail a personality test!
      I sure wish I had more time to make my projects come to life, but patience, patience (sigh!)


    1. It’s so silly the things that put me off patterns … I still haven’t bought a Style Arc pattern because I cannot bear the images!


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