Oodles of Wonderful Things

Today was a good day.
I went onto to Twitter to be a twit about why, but the reasons were so numerous that my ability to remain within the 140 character limit was rendered nugatory.

After 4pm, I finally got around to writing about a legal problem I’ve been investigating, researching and generally thinking about for days. I’d been procrastinating from writing but finally started. As I wrote, an idea occurred to me. I pontificated aloud to my office-mate (lucky office mate). I adore my office mate because she gets as caught up in legal ideas as I do and she has an astounding memory. Instead of looking at me like I’m a nutcase when I clapped my hands in excitement and said, “Ooh! What about if we consider it like this,” she engaged with me, and suggested more research tangents. Then two hours flew by and she said, “Oanh, are you going home tonight?”

I cycled home. I wanted to high-five everybody. Because I had a tail wind. And I remembered that I’d had a tail wind coming into work. Which means the world is right. And I am super fit and super strong. (well, that’s how I feel and that’s all that counts.)

When I got home, I had a postcard of adorable puffins from Skomer Island, thanking me for a donation that enables tracking of fledgling puffins. My money has tagged a baby puffin. Maybe two. (I don’t know how much it costs to tag a puffin. So maybe only a quarter of a puffin, but maybe five? Who can say?)

And then I remembered that I had received another package, delivered to work and which I had promptly stuffed into my pannier instead of opening it during work time. The package contained the patterns I had bought from Sewaholic: my very first every purchased patterns, soon to be my very first ever sewn garments, following instructions.

Finally, I finished (hand) sewing a little felt stuffed penguin that my Partner brought back from over the seas. I had to attach the head to the body, but I hadn’t done it because it was so darn cute decapitated. Seriously, it was. But actually, it’s even more cute with head attached to body. Who’d thought it?

Everything is so wonderful and exciting, I am just sitting here grinning like an idiot. I’m too excited to sleep. Puffins! Tailwinds! Fun legal problems! Sewing plans, coming to fruition!



  1. I do love reading your posts Oanh – they make me feel as good as you do! On that note I will retire to bed with thoughts of sewing sewing sewing going around in my head. I am glad someone else gets as excited about sewing as I do 🙂


  2. I’m still a bit distracted by that gorgeous header photo. That is one stunning shot.
    Okay, on to your happy post — isn’t it wonderful when everything feels just right? Mentally stimulating and rewarding, happy surroundings, glad anticipations.


    1. The photo was taken at a particularly beautiful part of Australia: Wineglass Bay, Tasmania. You should come visit 🙂 lots of beautiful gardens.
      Yes, I am so happy to be happy!


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