A bit MIFF-ed

I’ve dropped the whole blog ball, rather, haven’t I? Oh well, I might catch it again.

Let’s see, recent excuses have been:

– Work

– Holiday

– Work

– Weekends

– Work

And now, I have another, newer excuse: MIFF (that’s the Melbourne International Film Festival, in case you were wondering).

It’s been about half a decade since I last attended a film festival with anything remotely resembling dedication.  And I’m not certain attending ten movies over a space of three weeks actually counts as dedicated film-festivalling.  I’ve managed to choose my movies such that I’m seeing one on each Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, and one on a weeknight, spaced out nicely over the three-week period.  How civilised.

It does make me miss the drama, joy and intensity of trying to pack in as many movies as I could into the ten days of BIFF (Brisbane International Film Festival).

I remember with fondness, and not a little wonder, running in Doc Marten boots across town: from my student share house in West End, down Boundary St, over the Victoria Bridge and into the middle of town to the Hoyts Regent for the first session of the day. Then running from the Hoyts Regent back over the bridge to the State Library Theatrette. And back again.

I remember eating lots of carrot sticks.  (I was a poor student and had just spent weeks of savings on a “See as many movies as you can schedule” ticket.)

I remember being glad the film I chose was boring, so I could take a nap.

And I remember poring over the programme, highlighter in hand, carefully considered notation system on a piece of paper beside me and scribbling films into a handwritten schedule.

The internet, computers and the MIFF website make this all so easy now.  Scheduling is no longer a logistical nightmare but rather a simple matter of adding movies to my wishlist and seeing how it all pans out in a magically generated personal film calendar.

I miss the analogue days.  I’d love to be tearing my hair out, right now, worrying about how to best see all the films I want and deciding among clashes, crossing-out, highlighting and then just making a random, hopefully serendipitous choice. (Which occassionally got changed at the last minute once the festival has actually started.)

This is all too easy.  Ten films, in three weeks? Most films shown twice? Pisht, It’s like, I don’t even deserve it.  I thought I would make it hard for myself by booking the wrong time.  (Actually, that was just tiredness and stupidity). And choosing a ridiculous time (11.30pm on a Friday night. Going to need a nana nap before going out to that one …)

Of course, it’s not so civilised that I’ll actually blog about the film going *during* the festival.  And possibly, I may not even blog about it afterwards (but I’m intending to and you know what they say about intentions…)  I might tweet, too.  Twitter seems perfect for film festivals.  So, keep an eye on my side bar. Just not too close an eye, as I would not want you disappointed now.

Movies I’ve Booked, in case you’re trying to choose and my choices could influence yours:

Carre Blanc (Belgian sci fi!)

Modest Reception (Iranian quirk; same director as Men at Work)

L (Greek black comedy)

Alois Nebel (Czech-Polish graphic crime novel converted to film)

Vivan Las Antipodas (Documentary with barely any dialogue about places at the opposite ends of the earth from each other)

For Love’s Sake (it’s not a film festival without a bit of Miike mayhem; this one is teenage love story with battles and songs. All kinds of awesome (I hope).  I was not fast enough to get tickets to the Miike movie that must clearly have been made for me: Ace Attorney – court room drama with comic book heroics!)

Berberian Sound Studio (Horror, in audio)

Metropia (Animation sci-fi)

And I still have two tickets not yet dedicated to a film.  Anyone going and picked my film proclivities from the choices above and want to tell me what is just *unmissable*?


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  1. Very envious Oanh! Might come over next year and join you – I remember watching back-to-back films when the AFI were screening films at the State Cinema in Hobart and listening to all the comments from those avid film lovers back in the 80’s. Enjoy!!!


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