International Compost Awareness Week

YES! Everyone, it is. I know. I KNOW. You’re excited, I’m excited. I mean, who wouldn’t be excited?

Well, my sister for one. I am trying to decide whether I try to make this week, International Compost Awareness Week (or, as we in the know call it ICAW*) The Week I finally persuade her to compost.

(* Is that a hard “C” or a soft “C”? Is it:
I caw, rather like a crow; or I saw, like, lots of worms in my worm bin and I was happy? Who can help me with this dilemma?)

I’ve tried, rather half-heartedly. I said, “Hey! You should compost that!” (“that” being a huge container of coffee grinds; they have a fancy coffee machine, see, and drink lots of coffees). I’ve also said, “You really should compost, you know. It’s easy. And the dirt in your garden would be happier if you composted.”

Nah, she says. Too hard. Too dirty. Too smelly.

I’ve also said, “Hey! You should have a garage sale. Even if you priced everything at $1 each, you’d make a killing!” She has a double garage and an accumulation of Stuff, some of it, admittedly, mine. It’s all in good nick, just collecting dust in her enormous garage. This has very little to do with composting except, I’ve suddenly had An Idea.

Her reply to my awesome garage sale idea was to say, “If you want to do it, you can even keep the money.”

Maybe I will.

And then I will buy her a compost bin.

And then she will compost.

*** Q. E. D. ***

Okay, there are a raft of problems with my plan. And it’s not as if she or I are short of money with which we could buy a compost bin in the near future but maybe, if I encourage her with the clearing out of her garage, there will be Guilt attached to the bin because I bought it with my hard work selling her (and probably my) Stuff. Yes! It’s genius, isn’t it?

So, are you composting? If not, why not? Do I have to visit you to come up with a convoluted, barely rational plan to make you?
Don’t make me do that!

Happy International Compost Awareness Week! Give your worms a little party to celebrate! — Well, actually, just leave your worms well enough alone. They’ll be happier with you that way. That’s what my Partner says anyway. Apparently, they don’t like it when I dig around to see how big and how numerous they’ve gotten, and they don’t even like my singing to them! Why ever not?

Me and my worms, we’re going to have the best party to celebrate.

Actually, no one likes my singing. It lacks … tunefulness.

Happy I C A W!



  1. I read your title and thought, “Yes, yes, I need to sort out my composter (one of those rotating ones) and start recycling my kitchen waste and…. And I really need Oanh here to help me figure it out!” So when are you coming? The guestroom is ready. The cats are waiting.


    1. Very, very tempting. I will start a convoluted plan. It will involve cats, roses and quesadillas. By the way, do you put coffee grinds around the base of your roses? Apparently, it is very good for them! (Not that I know, having never grown roses…)

      The first step, however, is just to do it. Chuck the kitchen waste into your tumbler! Should be perfectly easy.


      1. Gasp. Another secret revealed. I don’t put coffee grounds in the soil — I always mean to, even got a bag of it from the local Starbucks. But I’d forget and it sat there for a few years… I still have the last unsuccessful batch of compost in my tumbler from five or six years ago (waaay too much greens and too little browns). I’m a little afraid to look in it. Are you suuuure you can’t be out here this year?

  2. I was most impressed with your worm farm Oanh and I am thinking of setting up one. The MAIN reason being that we spend so much money on liquid fertiliser and I see your farm makes quite a bit of it. Your plants are thriving – so that is living proof!


    1. It should be super easy for you to do, Helen! And you can even harvest worms from your compost bin to put in the worm farm, so no cost of buying worms, necessarily. Yes, my worms really do make a lot of worm juice, don’t they? And it is good fertiliser, and you dilute it 1 part worm juice to 10 parts water. Apparently it lacks one major important ingredient, which is so important , I’ve forgotten what it is … I think maybe phosphorus, so you may still need to buy this if you do use it on your own fantastic garden 🙂 Have fun!


  3. We’ve got 3 going at the moment. THe best one I think is the one that doesn’t breed mice. Off the ground. Spins around. SIts in the sun. The most disgusting one is SBIII’s makeshift one…Last time it got really gross, we don’t have cats…oh it was awful…hmm won’t go into it.


    1. Oh gosh, no, see, you cannot say something like “Oh it was awful,” and then not provide details! I have a very active imagination!

      3? compost bins or worm farms? Yes, a bin or farm that doesn’t breed mice is a good thing 🙂 You have a tumbler – lucky you!


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