Grass Trigger Plant

Remember how I issued a warning and put you all on notice that there would be more wildflower photos in future? And then notice how I went all quiet on the wildflower front for practically ever? I still seem to have some photography problems. The main problem being: I can’t be bothered. I have photography exhaustion.

But every now and then, the mood does take me. In the digital age, it is very easy to take photographs, but that is not the end of the photography process. One has to download the pictures and sort through them and etc and so on and so forth and blah blah blah. So the mood takes me, then it leaves me, and the process is not completed. At least, not for an age. We got into such a good habit on the road, too, of processing photographs almost every day, or every few days. Now I’m back to, meh, whenever; and whenever is rarely indeed.

Also, of much excitement to me was my naff ability to identify this wildflower, of which I have seen plenty. We are moving into autumn in Australia-land now, but these pink explosions were all over the roadsides, grass verges, grass lands and forests of both Victoria (where Melbourne, where I live now, is) and Tasmania (where I seem to spend a lot of my leisure time) during summer.

There were a lot of subordinate clauses in the above paragraph. I hope you followed all of them.

Grass Trigger Plant, Tasmania (near Mt Roland), January 2012.

The warning remains. You may indeed get inundated with wildflower photos. I have some more birdie photos and some wildlife photos to show you as well. And who knows, I might like making digital photographs again sometime soon. Except that, yet again, another weekend rears its head, I’m off somewhere new (to me) and I have forgotten to take either of our cameras. Maybe I need to buy another camera?



  1. No Oanh you don’t need a new camera, you just have to remember to pack your camera the night before 😉


  2. Well, you KNOW there will not be any complaints from me if you post a hundred of these wonderful shots. So pack your camera! Enjoyed your comment on the squirrel and his faster/spiffier lens. Mine has its coating misbehaving and I considered replacing it. However, it has been discontinued! I wish Canon would make a short, fast zoom that also has macro. But then I probably couldn’t afford it…


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