Blue Wren

Australia Day, which seems to have become more obnoxious in my absence, saw me arise from a tent pitched near the Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road. As we breakfasted, some curious blue wrens came hopping by. I did not have my camera, but I had my visitor’s. I do like people who are more than happy for me to snap photos using their camera.


After breakfast, I dismantled the tent. The wren was still curious. My tent’s blue-ness wins over the wren’s.


But I think the wren’s cuteness wins overall.




  1. The Blue Wren is my photography nemesis! They’re so quick and I think I’ve got dozens of photos of them all looking slightly blurred 🙂 Your pics are pretty good!


    1. I completely agree that these little b*ggers, cute as they are, are awfully hard to photograph. I was only able to do so because I was practically surrounded by them, and I was already sitting still!


  2. I love the straight up tail on that wren! I had no idea they came in such magnificent colors. Those eye-stripes make this one look like it’s in disguise 😉


    1. If ever I manage to be a faster photographer (first step: remember to bring the camera…) there will be plenty more magnificent coloured birdie photographs! This lil’ guy is the superb fairy wren; he has a cousin called the splendid fairy wren who is ENTIRELY BLUE. I don’t know how that helps them survive in the great outdoors, but they sure are lovely to look at.

      My theory with the tail is that it helps balanced that round ball of a belly …


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