Blog Break

I took a blog break.  Had you noticed?

It wasn’t meant to be like this.  One mere week of work craziness has somehow seeped out in all directions and I am drowning.  I blame a thoroughly awesome weekend at Asian Australian Film Forum, followed by a cold, followed by more work shenanigans, followed by laziness, succeeded by guilt, topped with exhaustion and, as a final twist of the knife, despair about the state of my worm farm.

But it is not all bad news.  I am being a wee bit facetiously melodramatic.  Mostly, work’s been busy and I’ve been lazy (Also, my computer is so slow I have not the patience for it; indeed, tonight’s blogging effort was almost ended by the desire to violently hurl the computer across the room.  I managed to suppress that – though my frustration and rage created a lovely ambience in one corner of the sofa for a good 45 minutes – and, thus, I still have a computer.  And you get a blog post.)

So, the worm farm.  There was a heat wave.  I was busy at work. The worms died.  Guilty, your honours, as charged, of wormicide by neglect.  I started obsessing about (1) what I had done wrong, (2) what I could do better and (3) whether I was allowed to buy more worms.  Just prior to the heatwave, I had started a second box and had transferred two or three stray worms to that second box.  I was still, optimistically if a little despairingly, putting our vege waste into that second box.  And lo, last weekend, there were baby worms! I am hopeful again.  And I promise to look after them better this time.  (Which involves leaving them alone most of the time but *doing something* should temperatures rise.)

Also, I have some fantastic ideas for improved homemade worm farms.  If ever I execute the ideas, I’ll let you know.  Lucky you.

There is so much I wish to do with this blog.  Yes, yes, writing some posts is definitely a good start, but so, too, is updating – the About page (my hair’s long again) ; the “Blogs I Enjoy Reading” page (um, I’m still reading almost all of the Blogs on that list that are still updating; plus I’ve found and am loving a whole lot more); some picture other than those forget-me-nots (although they are awesome, I must modestly concede); and trying to regain the sense of myself as a writer.

But I know, and you know too, that after this post, I am unlikely to update again until 2012.

So, loyal friends, new followers, and randoms who find me because you want to know what noises puffins make*: have a wonderful end of the year period and I’ll be back, really I will, in 2012.

*hint, check RSPB.  Just saying.**

** although, by doing this, I only improved my chances of staying the number one internet expert on puffin sounds***

*** yay! Puffins!

Puffin, hiding. (Skomer Island, Wales, July 2009)



  1. Keeping a blog ticking over is almost a full time job! I try for an entry a week which I’ve been quite good at until this month. December is way too hard to keep up! Come back next year for another go 🙂


    1. I had one good year, Greg, where I almost managed an entry a week… That year is emphatically not this year 🙂 And yes, December is a nightmare.


  2. Well, I did notice, but figured you were still settling in or drying your journal pages or …something …life. I’m sorry about the worms, but perhaps your new little ones will keep reproducing.
    You are right, those puffins are pretty hard to beat 🙂
    p.s. just finished a novel (The Scorpio Races) in which a cat was named Puffin.


    1. A cat named Puffin? That’s beyond awesome.
      Yes, the worms. Sigh. Still, I plough on with my organic waste management system… that, too, is my hope!


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