A Teaser for 2012

I am totally and utterly signing up to this:-

Click on the awesome picture to find out what it’s all about. (Precis: Aus Women Writers are fantastic and y’all should read more of them.)

I am not great at challenges, but this is one lasting an entire year, and it requires only that I read (do that already) Australian women writers (tend to gravitate towards them anyway) and make at least four (that’s not too many), reviews (should be manageable) of a substantial length (no requirement to stick to 140 characters? I’m your woman!).

Genre-wise, I’m going to bravely (or foolishly) be a Devoted Eclectic.  Eclectic in my genres, I am.  Devoted, I am not.  We shall see.

Levels wise, Franklin-fantastic seems achievable.

I met the wonderful Fictional Julie Koh recently-ish.  We got to talking books – unsurprisingly – and trading favourite authors.  My list gravitated towards Australian women – Thea Astley, for example, I plugged with all my heart – and upon Julie’s querying why, my response, I think, mirrors the purpose of this challenge.  I just want to redress the balance.  Yes, someone will tell you Patrick White is good (I haven’t got around to reading him yet so cannot comment) but has anyone told you M Bernard Eldershaw is ridiculously awesome? No? Well, then, I will.

And that, my friends, is hopefully what I will do in 2012 as part of this here challenge.

*Thank you, Tseen, for leading me challenge-wards.

Also, I will be doing so via Goodreads.



  1. The only Australian authors I can think of are the woman who wrote “The Thorn Birds” and Helen Bianchin, who writes these short romances about ordinary women who capture the hearts of millionaire Greek or Spanish or Italian tycoons. It’s kinda fun to come across mentions of places like The Rocks or Darlinghurst instead of the usual London or English countryside.


  2. Yes, WC, but you are forgiven. Many Australians would not be able to name an Australian author, let alone a woman Australian author… I shall try to find Helen Bianchin <- the challenge reqiures I read genres 🙂
    Also, author of Thorn Birds is Colleen McCullough. She's a fantastic writer!


  3. Australians don’t read books by Australian authors? Or do the American and British authors overwhelm the market? I don’t recall going to bookstores when I was there. No need to hunt down Helen Bianchin. Light romances, nothing remarkable. 😛

    I read The Thorn Birds around the time I read Gone with the Wind. I think I’m too impatient now for epic novels that span decades.


  4. Hi
    I look forward to seeing what you choose to read for the challenge!

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out


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