A (belated) House Full of Boxes

I wrote this an age ago, but it is neither here nor there that you read it now. So, here you are:-


We have a house full of boxes.

Pale brown cardboard houses Ikea furniture in pieces, which, once formed into a piece of furniture will make our home. Two men brought the boxes and I said, “There. Leave them there.” There they stay. I leave them wholly as they are, unwilling to pull them out and stare at myriad bits that might make a sofa, a table, a bookcase or chairs. It’s not that I’m incapable of transforming a cardboard box into a useful item, merely that my Partner is much better. In order for me to compose a whole out of the parts, I would have to study the instructions laboriously. The instructions are in pictures and I am a woman of words, not of images. Over time, I am certain I could make sense of it, certain that I could understand the process, certain that I could take each step as required, methodically, and finish with a complete recognisable and stable object. Instead, I intend to retreat to the kitchen, where I do not need to study pictures. Rather, I will have whole items that I cleave apart. I will add a dash of this, a splash of that, measuring none of it. And then, I will have dinner, and perhaps even furniture on which to eat it, though the furniture will be little of my doing.


And I did retreat to the kitchen. And lo! I did make us dinner. And it was eaten but not on chairs, sitting at a table. We partook of dinner amidst almost assembled furniture. Ultimately, I did make one item of furniture (a Bekvam stool, absolutely wonderful things for we who are a wee bit on the ‘not-tall’ side) and held the end of our new, blue sofa while my Partner pieced it together. I have never been a fan of Ikea furniture (except for Bekvam stools and Ivar bookshelves) but I was most impressed at how cleverly The Great Ikea Folk deconstructed furniture into parts re-composable by complete, albeit methodical, amateurs. A month or so on and everything is still stable. Hoorah!

There are no photos to accompany this post. Two reasons:-
1. I am still a wee bit photo’ed out post bike ride; and
2. I was all excited about the camera on my (hand-me-down) i-phone and then I saw the photographs on a computer when I uploaded them to facebook and was truly horrified at how pixelated the image was. Partially my fault, yes, but also the fault of the camera itself (which is very old. I am well aware that other people take marvellous images with the i-phone camera. It appears, not I.)

Lastly, hoorah! Blog post!



  1. Hmmm… I was sure I left a comment a few days ago, but apparently that’s not so! Hope that you are settling in and have furniture to sit on whilst eating and blogging and such. Maybe the house full of boxes syndrome has subsided somewhat….


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