Sunset over the Boating Lake at Southampton Common, June 2010

A couple of months ago, I handed in my notice at work. Now, it is a mere one month until I depart the shores of Great Britain to return “home” to Australia. I’ve been alluding, for a while, to this departure and it is now upon me.

I have been weighing up whether to tell this blog, My Blog, of my grand plans and decided that, yes, of course, I should tell you, my dear friends. Hopefully the random strangers won’t be that interested. And if they are, as long as they’re well-meaning, that’s okay. And if they’re sinister but don’t let on, that’s okay too.

My partner and I will be cycling over land (and, of necessity, sea, though we’ll use other means for that bit) from our hometown in the UK, Southampton, to our sort-of hometown in Australia, Brisbane. There is another blog, elsewhere, that will document this journey. If you’re interested, you can check it out here. Even if you’re not interested, you should just click over there once to find a photograph of me and of my partner.

In the interests of full disclosure, I must admit to having another blog, with my partner, that has documented all our travels while we’ve been over here. I call that one (in my head), Our Blog. You can find it here and be shocked that I’d been keeping this other blog from you for so long. Sorry. There were reasons and things but none of those reasons etc really seem very persuasive any more.

Maybe I’ll start using my partner’s name now that it’s just out there and all.

I will be keeping My Blog going and I will update it occasionally, probably even more sporadically than I have in the past. I really don’t know at this stage but I do know that I still want my own space on the web and that space is here. After all, there are bound to be stories that don’t quite fit on The Cycling Blog and maybe all the readers of that blog will get exasperated with my continual, “Ooh look! A pretty flower!” posts, whereas I know you guys love that. Weirdos.

I know I’ve been vacant for a while. Here’s to say that I will continue to be vacant (surprise!). This last month here is bound to be a bit crazy busy, and I’ll also be spending time birthing The Cycling Blog. Then after that, I’ll be dealing with life as a cycling traveller.

Thank you for reading and looking and commenting. This feels like goodbye, but it’s emphatically not. I’ll still be reading you!



  1. Wow! How exciting! When I said to take the long way home, I didn’t mean literally. 😛

    That explains why you were learning Russian. I just figured you’d hit up St. Petersburg. That seems awfully prosaic in comparison. Quite jealous you’ll be exploring the ‘stans as you say. They’ve always been quite the mystery for me.

    In the shifting of laptops, I lost the link to the other blog and had missed the travel updates. But I’m used to commenting on this one, and not the other, even though I read that too. So, I will probably go on as before.

    Will be looking forward to your updates. Oh! And do tell if you meet any ethnic Koreans in Central Asia. There are about 200,000 of them I believe. The Koreans lived across the border in Russia and Siberia, and were exiled by Stalin to Central Asia, the farthest reaches of the Soviet Union at the time.

    I am very jealous of all the cultures and cuisine you will encounter. Not at all jealous of the physical part of your trip.

    Travel safely!


    1. I promise to be safe, Wandering Chopsticks!

      Yes, the ‘stans are a big draw for me too 🙂 but mostly for the mountains. And woo mama there sure are mountains!

      Have you seen the movie, Flight of the Bee?
      Link here. It’s a lovely movie and I really enjoyed it (I saw it more than 10 years ago now!).
      Directed by a Korean-Tajik, although I don’t think there were any ethnic Korean characters or actors in the movie.

      I, too, am looking forward to all the cultures and cuisines. Actually, I’m looking forward to all the food pretty much everywhere EXCEPT the ‘stans, where I fear we will be eating an awful lot of mutton-fat soup and noodles. But after that, we will gorge ourselves on Chinese and SE Asian food. But now I’m getting ahead of myself, first up pain au chocolats every morning! (The budget’s gonna love me!)


  2. It’s all happening! Great to hear about it, O. I can’t imagine the dedication + verve it takes to cycle TO AUSTRALIA but, hey, this comes from someone who doesn’t actually know how to ride a bicycle. There. I’ve said it in a public place.

    All the very best in the lead-up and on the trip. I was kinda excited to hear you were coming back to Oz cos I’ll have more of a chance to meet up with you sometime, somewhere, than if you were tucked away in Old Blighty! Ahem. It’s all about me, of course…


    1. Thanks, Tseen!

      Well, don’t tell anyone (stop reading this family members!) but my partner and I are considering moving to Melb on our return to Aus … so, there will be opportunities galore. In, like, 2 years’ time!

      I only learned to ride a bike when I was 8 years old and then promptly had a terrible scrape, plus my bro had an awful scrape that was sort-of my fault when I was about 10. I did not ride at all after my bro’s scrape. Despite all this, I got back on the bike a couple of years ago in Eggland and well, um, now I like it so much I’m gonna cycle half-way round the world. Always was a bit all or nothing ….


  3. Well, it’ll be very much hello! rather than good-bye from where I’m standing (actually I’m sitting). All the best with the cycling trip.


  4. So awesome..definitely following the journey! oh hello’s you again. we keep bumping into each other on other ppls comments pages.


    1. Thanks, Flighty! I’ll keep an eye out for snow leopards when we’re in their territory for you! (‘Though the chances of seeing them are slim, I am ever blithely optimistic. Yay, snow leopards!)


  5. Y’know, I read your post a few days ago and spent a bit of time seeing your lovely smiling face with that of N. My first thought was how HAPPY you both look. Glad you are having this opportunity to cycle and hike to your hearts’ content. And also that you’ll keep this space for us weirdos that can’t get enough of your flower photography. Good journey to you both!


    1. Thank you, nikkipolani!
      Ah yes, our grinning mugs. One of my friends think we have the exact same smile – and she has a photograph to prove it. A little disconcerting, I think.


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