Lemon Butter Flower

This is just the sort of flower that I, in a former life, would have despised. It’s insipid. Inoffensive. Simplistic in design. And pale in colour.

Lemon Butter Flower (not its real name. I don't know its real name so this one will just have to do. Please tell me if you do know.)

I like loud. I like in-your-face. I like complicated whirls and twirls. I like bright colours.

Persian Jewel Flower (real common name; real scientific name = nigella damscena. Check me out! I know stuff!)

My current reality is, however, that I like them both.

Actually, I think I just like flowers. (Had you noticed?)



  1. I think I can tell that you like flowers. It’s about the extent of my deductive powers… These are the same nigellas that are called ‘love-in-a-mist’ here, I think. I love how you’ve caught it at a stage when the leaves (?) around it are like snowflakes.


  2. The yellow flower, which I like the look of, looks familiar but as to what it’s called…!
    I really like love-in-a-mist (nigella damascena) of which the variety ‘Persian Jewels’ has white, blue and pink/rose flowers. I grew lots on the plot this year and will be doing a ‘Plot plants…’ post about this flower sometime soon.
    Good for you, I like flowers too! xx


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