Summer = Poppies

You know, summer really is here when you see this:-

Poppies beside the road, Wiltshire, June 2010 (Canon G11).

Interestingly, these guys popped up in one day.  We cycled out on a Saturday, camped beside a pub and cycled home again on Sunday, mostly following the same route.  These poppies sprouted by a junction of the bike route with a major, two lanes each direction A-road.  I am quite certain I did not see them on the way in.

They gave me courage to dash madly across the road with my bike, in a brief break in the traffic.

I said, “After the blue car?”

My partner replied, “After the blue car!”

After The Blue Car, he shouted, “Go!” and we raced across the road.  In the middle, I called, “Clear!” and he answered, “Keep going!” and we made it safely to the other side, hearts thumping.

And on the other side were some poppies, too.  But they weren’t anywhere near as lovely as these ones.



  1. 🙂 you don’t really get such wonderful and sudden floral displays here. i love how enraptured you get about natural things.


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