Thanks to Flighty, I have learned that it is National Insect Week!

I love bugs.  And, prior to living in this little house (when we were living in our little flat), I missed them.  There were no bugs in our flat.  This was very strange for me.  Bugs are inescapable in Brisbane.  Our house, though it was in the inner city, had bugs everywhere, always.  You just learned to live with them and maybe even say ‘hi’ some mornings (if you’re me).

When I returned home to Brisbane recently, I stayed at my sister’s house.  As I lay awake, jet lagged, on my niece’s bed, I heard the ‘tck, tck, tck’ of a gecko, happily feeding on bugs.  And I thought, “Oh, geckoes! I’ve missed you guys!”  Okay, a gecko is not a bug (it’s a lizard like creature with a big head and huge eyes; therefore the epitome of cute).  But they eat bugs and are in all Brisbane houses as well.

When we first moved into our little house, it was shortly after a ladybug epidemic in the South of the UK.  Everywhere in the house were dead ladybugs, which was a little sad and a little amusing.  They still come to our house to die but they are fewer in number now. When an interesting bug lands on me, I like to inspect it.  If my partner is around, I’ll show him.  Many bugs catch a ride on me while I am cycling.  I like to ask them their destination and give them a ride if we’re going in the same direction.

I don’t like that some bugs fly up my nose or into my eyes and mouth while I’m cycling.  This leads to me coughing and spluttering and veering wildly around the road (usually a country lane, usually car-less; I just swallow and deal if I’m on a car filled road and cry about it later).

But mostly, I like bugs rather a lot.

All that, just to show you a pic of this:

Some-kinda-sheeny-shiny-emerald-greeny Bug on a Scarlet Pimpernel, Keyhaven Marsh, June 2010.

Yay Bugs!



  1. Cool! Thanks, Flighty! I love finding out what things (be they flowers or creatures) are, though its name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?


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