I’ve kind of avoided politics on this blog, though I think my politics are quite clear.

And if it’s unclear: I like to joke that my father must be particularly disappointed that he escaped a communist country and ended up with a lefty, sort-of anti-capitalist, sort-of anti-consumerist, sort-of hippy daughter.  Let’s not even start on the feminism.  At least he can be pleased that I am a-religious.

I don’t know what to call what happened today / yesterday in Australia but I find it overwhelming and am somewhat astounded by how emotional my response is.  I read the news via the many Aus blogs I have on my RSS feed and my jaw dropped (literally, if you’re wondering).  I knew it was happening (again, via my trusty blogs, mostly Larvatus Prodeo).  I had every intention of checking the newspapers when I got into work, but I did not need to.  The Aus blogosphere was buzzing.

I have long admired Julia Gillard and was pleased she was Deputy Leader.  I’m more than pleased she is Australia’s PM (welling up with tears the key indicia).  But I’m also wary for her and this post articulates, better than I can, why.  As an aside, it is not only political parties that have used women to mop up messes created by their male leadership.  Many public listed companies have done this too and seek praise (or diversion) for the fact that a woman is now CEO or leader.  She’s set up to fail, mostly.

I’m also concerned, and a bit depressed, about the prospects for the next election.  I will be travelling when it rolls around, so I do hope I manage to vote (which I failed to do from sheer forgetfulness in the last Qld state election but I am excused from Aus’ compulsory voting, although I can still vote if I choose to and oh, I would very much like to).

I have not been in Australia for any of Kevin Rudd’s term.  I’ve been very removed from what’s been happening and I’m really quite sad to be so far away for so many historic moments (that I care about) – apology to Australia’s indigenous peoples; our first female Governor General; and now, our first female PM.

I really, really hope Australia will elect Labour again and therefore choose Julia Gillard as our prime minister.

I can’t bear to think about the alternative.

(And no, there are no pictures for you today.  But tomorrow, promise.)



  1. I’m totally in agreement with you about all this. Have just sent the discussion group that same link! I really like JG and do hope that she is voted in on her own steam.

    I do think it’s about time we had a female PM, and I can’t think of a better one than JG.

    I’m hoping Abbott may not be head of Opposition when election time comes around…


  2. Ooh, Tseenwhat do you know that I don’t know about Abbott? Though I kinda like the idea he is such an unpleasant leader of the opp. Turnball would have made the LIBs much more electable (to me but as if that would ever happen anyway!). Bah.


  3. yeah…i saw the Rudd come out and announce that he will fight the night before and then he bows out like 10 minutes or so before voting the next day so you have to wonder…

    my first (and still my belief) is that the labour party backed themselves into a wall with the mining tax and this is the only way they saw they could get out…new face = new policies (or a re-write of the old one)….

    rudd didnt do too badly….i like rudd…


    1. yes, it all happened astoundingly quickly, didn’t it? There I was, poised to keep an eye on the news and BAM! the deed was done. Let’s see what happens…


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