Bluebells are just magical.  It seemed like there were many more this year than previous years that I have been in England.

Bluebell bud (Fuji S9600).

After an exceptionally warm weekend in May, where we picnicked in a copse beside a patch of bluebells, I knew they would be gone.

Sunburst and bluebell detail (Canon G11).

And they are no longer.  It is June, now.  Almost July.  The year is whizzing by.  The flowers keep changing.  Soon it will be foxgloves and poppies.  I miss the bluebells.  I wish I’d taken more photos of them.

Still, I have these few photos to remind me of their glory.



  1. I remember your bluebell wood and how lovely it looked. Here, jacarandas are blooming. My parents were recently in town and my mom was awestruck by how vibrant they are. Especially when they line both sides of a whole street. So very pretty! Will have to go back and take some pictures for the blog so you can see.


    1. wandering chopsticks
      oh, I do like jacarandas, too! I just love the carpet of purple when the flowers drop and cover the ground. Look forward to your pics!


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