P&S Tip #3

I am rapidly exhausting my photography knowledge. But this last is something that surprises me that (some) people who use P&S cameras don’t realise: you can get in really close with most P&S and many make fine – and often excellent – photos. I’ve tried telling my siblings this one, but they don’t seem to hear me.  So, I’m gonna tell teh internets who always listen when no one else does.

Up close, macro photographs of flowers is how it all started for me.

Getting right up in the face of an Azalea. Exbury Gardens, April 2010.

My partner often laughs at how close I put our camera to something. As my eyesight is poor, I have occasional difficulties assessing short distances and, often, smash the camera lens up against the flower I want to photograph. Whoops – back out a centimeter! (And wait for the poor flower to stop shaking so I can photograph it.)

I have a friend who has a Panasonic FZ18 – the superzoom camera P&S so very popular a few years ago. I was over his place for lunch one day and his camera was out on the counter. I cannot now remember what, but there were (as always) plenty of snacks and nibblies, and something looked interesting and I may have said, “Ooh! That’s pretty!” and he replied, “Photograph it.”

So I took his camera, found the macro button, put the camera right up close to the subject, focused, framed and photographed.

“Whoa, you went close.”
“But you can get right up close with this camera. You can probably be about a centimeter away.”
“Yeah. Reckon so.”

And of course, my test is to take photographs of my fingertips at different distances from the camera lens.

“See? All in focus!”

So, if you have a macro function (and seriously, all P&S do!) get in real close because you probably can.

There – that’s it. That’s all my photography knowledge exhausted.



  1. Nice capture!

    P&S cameras are indeed wonderful for macro stuff, indeed it was my first little digital P&S that re-introduced me to macro photography!


    1. Well, NiC, if a digital P&S brought you to the macro photography world, then that’s another point in favour of the lil’ P&S! Take that d-SLR!
      and thank you 😀


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