Teeny Tiny Tulips

These were some very tiny tulips – about an inch in diameter.

They’re much nicer (per me) than the monstrously large ones.  I am a bit of a fan of small flowers (see ‘forget-me-nots’).

Sweet lil' thing.

And I prefer flowers when they are buds, rather than when they are fully open.  Especially flowers like tulips.  Am I alone in this?

This pic might give you a better idea of their size. In any event, I just like this picture!

Photographs taken at Exbury Gardens, April 2010 using the Fuji S9600.



  1. I prefer smaller daffodils and tulips which certainly withstand wet and windy weather much better, and in abundance have much more impact on the eye.
    Some flowers are better in bud than bloom! xx


  2. i prefer unopened flowers too…i love closed tulips and closed roses…i think the open roses just spoils the look!

    the only exception are lilies for me…


    1. Good to hear I am not alone, laziicat! But you are right – there are flowers prettier open than in bud and lillies are definitely one of them. Also irises.


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