Snake-head Fritillary

One of the things people know most about Australia is that it has all kinds of critters that can kill you.  I like to regale my workmates with stories of the creatures that were part of my life in Oz: spiders, biting ants, biting flying creatures, snakes, leeches.  Sometimes people would tell me that the British Isles do have snakes: the adder.  To which I like to retort, “That may be so but Australia has a death adder.  Ha ha, we win.”

English flowers, however, are very, very cool.  And one of my favourite of the English natives is the snake-head fritillary.  And if you’ve never seen a snake in your life, I guess its patterning looks a bit snake-like.

Snake head fritillary, Exbury Gardens, April 2010. (Photo taken with the Fuji S9600, to demonstrate I still love it despite owning the G11)

This is the only fritillary I have seen in real life and I guess I may not be seeing any more as I will be departing these verdant shores ‘ere winter arrives.  These bloom in early Spring and they are already gone now.



  1. Hello Oanh 🙂 I’m always amazed by your gorgeous floral portraits. But I think I will skip if you start photographing death adders and such. To answer your question about the yellow-orange flower, it’s a ranunculus. And odd single that folds up its petals in the night and was getting ready to open in the morning sun.


  2. You need not worry, nikkipolani as I never see snakes etc – they move away from me too quickly. This is why I photograph flowers: they don’t run/slither away…

    I do like ranunculus – more used to seeing them closed than open, however!


    1. wandering chopsticks
      I had to google “hellebore” to check out what they were 🙂 They are more common, I think, as they regularly appear in gardens. They seem more open and less bud like? But lovely, just the same.

      Ultimately, back to Aus, but travelling around a bit beforehand.


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