I, the neglectful blogger, am back!  In the time since my last post, I have played with the Canon G11, received some photography at night lessons from a lapsed photography enthusiast, been home to Brisbane (despite the attempts of an Icelandic volcano to stop be) and returned home again to Southern England.

As is usual when I return to work after a period of leave, it is kicking my ass.  Ah well, things will calm eventually.

Before I left the UK, it really felt like Spring.  Flowers were out and the sun shone and the Common was ridiculously green.

I took the Canon out for a brief spell at lunchtime one day and photographed some flowers in the Common.

Via other blogs and teh amazing internets, what I had filed away as "pretty purple flower", I can actually call by its proper name: lunaria annua, or if you prefer, its common name: honesty. Honest.

In Brisbane, the weather was supposedly turning from warm to cool, but the temperatures were such as I had not experienced since summer 2009 (months and months ago!) and I had to resist telling people that I was over-warm.  To deflect my mother’s continued carping at me about not having a jumper with me at all times, I carried one.  There was one day when I forgot and the wind blew and I was a wee bit chilly. I leant over to my sibling and whispered, “Don’t tell Um but I don’t have a jumper and I’m a bit cold.”  We giggled conspiratorially at the naughtiness of it and I hid my goosebumps from my mother.

When I returned to England, I started shivering (and shortly thereafter put on a warm coat).  Where had Spring gone? Will she come back? Or did my short break in Brisbane mean that I had re-acclimatised myself to warmer climes?

But no, Spring was still here: the trees in the Common were even more ridiculously green than when I had left and soft drifts of fragile, wool-like seeds float on the winds.

I have a few more Spring flower photos to show you.  Lucky you.


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