Unintended Hiatus

Waking up from a long, wintry slumber.

I did not mean to disappear from the blog.

And having written that, I have nothing else to write, which I think is sufficient to explain my absence.

I am sure my mojo will return and that I will write more frequently – hopefully, when Spring finally throws off the cold mantle of winter, I will emerge from my current ennui/funk.*

*Nothing is wrong. I’m just, y’know, meh.



  1. Oh, I figured you’d be back when you’re back 🙂 But I’m glad to hear, nevertheless, that you’re okay and not hit by a passing pedestrian or dog or something.


    1. nikkipolani
      I love the idea that I’ve been hit by a passing pedestrian 🙂 Those things are dangerous and should be licensed if they’re going to use the roads. ho ho ho.


    1. honglien
      Wonderful to hear from you and to read your occassional posts. You at least have reasons. I just have ennui!


    1. wandering chopsticks
      It’s not the taking time off I’m worried about, it’s the lack of desire/ability to say anything … but still, I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now … I guess a bit of exhaustion is normal.


    1. n.t.
      Oh, you so should know 🙂
      Loving the recent flurry of posts you’ve made though. You’re photography is really beautiful.


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