Some signs of Spring

Happy New Lunar Year to my few faithful readers and to the lovely randoms who come by with search strings that make me laugh. Thank you.

I have recently espied two of my favourite signs of spring:


Catkins! Nice, long, soft looking ones, too, and arrayed like they're eensy teensy grapes. No idea what tree they belong to. Maybe I'll look that up.


Snowdrops! I saw one, then another one, then another bunch, then, hell! they were everywhere. These were the last I saw on our ramble on the day before Tet.

Oh, wait, make that 3 (but no picture):

My daffodils are pushing their way through the cold earth. Soon, oh-so soon, there will be crocuses and daffodils and tulips and then it will be time for me to attempt a pathetic summer wild-flower not-quite-meadow front yard.

We’ll be hanging around in this little house at least until October now, so I might even garden again, though last year was rather demoralising. Still, I have a whole lotta seeds, so I may as well just plant away and be a bit more sanguine about my (predicted) failures.



  1. I love the sweet innocence of snowdrops popping up in pre-spring. How lovely that you’re seeing them everywhere. Do they emit a fragrance?

    Your mentioning the pile of seeds made me think of my pile of seeds — how many things that never germinated. I was mixing compost with other stuff for the roses and started tossing in bits of tomato plant food and whatever I could get my hands on. I did think twice, however (thankfully), about dumping in my collection of old seeds.


    1. nikkipolani

      I don’t think they have a fragrance or if they do, it’s very subtle and much too cold for my nose (which, if I say so myself, is actually very good) to discern.

      Toss those old seeds into a pot … see what happens. The serendipity of seeding!


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