Scenic Rim Sunsets

A little while ago, I mentioned finding a whole bunch of photos of sunsets, taken by my Partner.  I spent some time sorting through the 100 or so that he had taken and came up with about 10 or so keepers.  An exercise that was a rather palpable reminder of the wonders of digital photography.

The Scenic Rim mountains, from Tambourine Mt before the sun really started setting.

The above photo probably gives the best idea of the panorama we had from our lookout spot.  And I remember being cold, but I doubt it was anywhere near as cold as I have been in the last month or two.

The sun's really setting now.

I have realised that I like photographs where there is distortion caused by the camera lens reflecting – lens flare? – or whatever that pink blob doohickey in the bottom centre of the photo is called in proper photog lingo speak.

At this lookout, I recall there were two other people there with us who stayed for the entire sunset.  Many people came and went, but I and my partner and these Two Others stayed until it got quite dark.  The Two Others each had Real Cameras (you know, with changeable lenses and things) and were twiddling and photographing and twiddling some more.  One was obviously more experienced than the other and was talking through the twiddles.  I remember half listening and understanding nothing but the relationship of teacher and student.  And you know, now I don’t even remember the genders of the Two Others.  I do, however, remember that they parted ways when it was dark, each setting off in a different direction in their own cars and I wondered, how many sunsets had they met up for together, and how many more?

Big sky, big clouds, small mountains (or far away?)

I had a German housemate, when I was a student sharehousing, who was also very taken with Australian sunsets.  I would often come home to find him sitting on our front steps, gazing dreamily at the big expanse of orange sky.  I’d look behind and then dodge past him to get into the house.  Sometimes, I would set on the front porch with him and marvel at his marvelling.  I was so used to the drama of our skies.  When I arrived in England, I realised the sunsets are different here.  The colours are different: less orange and red, more pink and purple.  And I could understand why my German housemate marvelled at the Queensland sunsets, while here I was marvelling at English ones.

I cannot take any credit for the sunset photos; they are all taken by my Partner.  The below however, is a photo I definitely took:

A Blue Faced Honeyeater, seeking honey from a Cockspur Coral Tree.

I like birds (I think you know this already).  When my Partner and I started seeing each other (back in the mists of time), I would make up the names of birds and flowers that we encountered out on our walks.  After all, many birds nd flowers had such obvious names, like this blue faced honeyeater.  So I would say such things, “Oh, look, it’s a Yellow Twittering Tree Creeper” or, “Hey, did you see the Green-Winged Hoppy Bird?”  My Partner would look at me long and hard to ascertain whether I really did know what I was talking about (unlikely) or whether I was making it up (most likely but not always).  Interspersed with my made-up names, would be real knowledge.  I learn later; I tend to look things up afterwards, like this honeyeater, which I had initially thought was a mynah (they’re related, so I was close), and the coral tree, which I learned is actually a pest in Eastern Australia.  But we have lots of those.

And here’s the post I wrote about the holiday itself.  My oh my, so many years ago.

Some people have blogs that show and tell you what is currently happening to them.  I have a blog that jumps from topic to topic and shows you photos from 4 years ago, linking you to completely babbly nothing posts I once wrote.  I rock.



  1. What a fantastic shot of that bird — whatever its real name may be. I think I may take up your hobby of inventing names for the birds and trees I see! And what a dreamy photo that rim shot is.


    1. nikkipolani
      Please report back on the invented names! You should make some up for your army of delightful roses.

      Thanks, re the bird. He was a mighty photogenic creature.


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