I bike because I like it

I am tired of people who think my cycling everyday into work is an ordeal.  It’s not. I like it.  I like cycling.  Stop looking at me pityingly.  I am tired of being patient about the pity, as if it is okay.  Bet the same folks’d be real pissed off at me if I looked at them pityingly boxed up in their car and stuck in traffic.

I choose to cycle.  I like it.

Admittedly, sometimes, I don’t want to cycle.  But that’s because I’m lazy and it’s cold.  I doubt that I would want to drive either.  What I want is to stay in bed, with a hot drink and a good book.  That not (often) being an option, cycling is actually rather fun, even in the cold.  I like it.

I don’t say to anyone, “Why don’t you cycle?”, ‘though many feel quite happy asking me, “Why don’t I drive?”  The easy answer is that I don’t have a car, nor do I want one.  For getting about town, my daily commute and my daily chores, I prefer cycling.  I have a driving license and I can and do drive, usually hiring a car for long weekend trips.  But more and more of my holidays involve cycling as my main means of travel, because I like it.

I have not, to my knowledge, told someone they should cycle, although I have been encouraging if they make interested noises.  My encouragement can be a bit proselytising, because I am somewhat of an evangelist about my enthusiasms.  That’s because I like it.

I expect no admiration and no accolades, and aside from the occasional lateness to work due to a puncture or brake seizures, I don’t expect anyone to pay me any mind.  And mostly, no one does.  But usually when they do, it is to pity me.  Enough of that.  I cycle because I like it.  That’s all.



  1. Hi,
    Just to let you know that I enjoy reading your blogs and admire your cycling hoby along with
    photographs and travels. Me and myself enjoy
    travel as well.
    All the best,


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