Autumnal & Wintry Plants

In autumn and winter, the plants wind down.  Autumn is full of colour but the bright yellows and reds soon die out and we are left with dull, eerie wisps of plants in winter.

I call it "Whiskery Vine".

I have no idea what this plant is called or, indeed, what it looks like in not-autumn/winter.  It’s a sprawling vine and, on the edge of farmland, it almost takes over the hedges in autumn, when the hawthorn is dying back.


Catkins are so cute.  These ones were teeny tiny – about 2cms / one inch long.

Look! Icicles grow on trees!

Tree Silhouette - I think it's a beech?

It’s still grey and miserable.  February, however, is just around the corner and then March and then spring.

And that’s all I’ve got to say today.



  1. I dunno, that last shot doesn’t look grey and miserable…. but I know what you mean. The colours are absolutely gorgeous — that bluish shade that leans toward violet is amazing.


    1. nikkipolani
      Ah, but I don’t photograph grey skies – not even pretty tree silhouettes against grey skies. And, actually, grey skies are really rather difficult to photograph… maybe that’s a challenge!


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