Another Year Over

A new one just begun!

[Have I now put that song into your head too?  I swear I did not even hear it at all this Christmas and yet it plays, incessantly, on a loop inside my wayward mind. Hush, mind! Let’s focus on other things.]

Wintry sunset over Romsey, Jan 2010.


On the me-blogging front, I was reasonably consistent and regular. Yay me!

On the creative writing front, I was irregular, inconsistent and unsatisfactory, but at least I wrote some, and much more than I have in the past.  Boo me!

On the life front, it was all over the place. Yay-and-boo me.

The year started out crazy busy at work and I came up with a great idea on how to improve my sleep: give up caffeine.  That proved a foolish idea and instead made me hazy and dull, so I reverted to my habit. Despite lack of caffeine, I sustained about a week of glee about the settled snow in February.

Spring rolled in and my bulbs flowered; this was terribly exciting.  But with spring came rather a lot of sad news from home and I felt far away, selfish and useless. I got over that and time marched on, as it does.

Summer, as well as my sister, came to England, heralding much busy-ness but of the fun gallivanting-and-touristing kind, rather than the head-down-at-work-don’t-answer-the-phone-it-will-only-be-another-problem-to-sort-out kind.  I cycled lots, camped quite a bit, sprained my ankle not once but twice, and, best of all, saw puffins.

I also ushered through a so-called milestone birthday, over which I vacillated about doing something big, something interesting or something spectacular. Realising however that it’s just a meaningless number and another day, I  just had a low-key non-event of a few people ’round to my house for some food.  I felt no different the day after as I had the day before, except that there were a whole lot more dirty dishes in my kitchen than there usually are.

Autumn arrived as a bit of shock.  Despite my unpreparedness, leaves turned yellow, red and brown and the wind and the rain came through, blowing and washing away all vestiges of summer. My partner and I thought it would be fun to pit ourselves against the weather and so cycled in wind and rain around Brittany, France, happily fueled by lots of pain au chocolats, galettes and seafood.  The weather won.

Winter seems darker, colder and longer than it has in the past, but I remind myself that around this time last year we were also impatient for spring, we were also feeling a bit worn down by the dreary wet, dark cold winter, we also thought it was colder than the previous year.  Nevertheless, there had been days of beautifully crisp blue skies, which we had enjoyed in our usual way and which there would be this year, too.  And so I was right.

2010: a new year, just begun.

Robin, Old Winchester Hill, Jan 2010.



  1. A nice little summary of your year, Oanh. I smiled at your trying to beat the weather. Well, at least you have a home to cozy in while the weather passes through. Here’s to a successful, joy-filled, happy new year.


    1. Thanks nikkipolani! It’s a good thing we *enjoy* pitting ourselves against the weather! More of that to come, I’m sure!


  2. Happy New Year, Oanh. I like hearing about your cycling exploits both here and on Twitter. I always think, ‘I must channel Oanh’s energy when I go cycling’.


    1. Thanks, Kirsty, though I must admit, I have vague worries about what it will be like to cycle in Brisbane and Australia whenever we finally return there. I keep reading Aussie cyclists coming over to UK and saying, “Wow! We didn’t get honked at once on our ride,” which does not bode well.
      I am hopeful that my enthusiasm will overcome Brissie lack of cycling infrastructure / culture …


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