House Martins

I don’t think I remembered to show you this picutre.

Papa feeding his babies: House Martins, Corniglia, Italy, June 2009

Papa feeding his babies: House Martins, Corniglia, Italy, June 2009

They were terribly noisy.  In a narrow laneway, this neat nest filled with ravenous baby birds caught my attention.  I stood in the doorway opposite and watched.  I was no more than a body length away.

No one else paid them any mind until they saw me craning my neck and fiddling with my camera, taking shot after shot.  Unhappy, I switched cameras trying to get it right.  Eventually, I handed the Fuji to my partner, who wanted to have a look at the scenery or something ridiculous like that, while I stayed there and watched Papa’s amazingly accurate flight from nest to foraging ground and back to nest.  Papa left and returned at least 15 times while I stood and watched.  Equally, the faces around me changed at least 10 times.  People came and stood next to me.  A few would, “Ooh!” and some would, “Aah!”; most took a snap and wandered off.  I wanted to grab onto some of those people and say, “Just stay a bit.  You should see the way he flies.  And oh, the way that front one pokes its head out when Papa’s gone and checks us out.”  But they were off to the next thing.

I had to be dragged away, stumbling along the cobblestones and looking over my shoulder .



  1. I’m amazed how big those baby birds are — Papa doesn’t look that much bigger. A really cool shot, Oanh. I wonder how that nest was made. It looks kind of cantilevered. Must be pretty bold birds that seem unafraid to have people so nearby.


    1. nikkipolani

      Thank you 🙂 No, he wasn’t much bigger but the baby birds were much rounder in the face.


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