Puffin Noises

I should have said in my last post (although I really did already say rather a lot) that puffins make the most hilarious sounds.

They are generally noiseless birds, except when breeding.  And no, that doesn’t mean I was listening in on them doing the dirty to make more cute puffins (and oh my, baby puffins are just so – *sigh*).  When they are ready to breed they start making noises, i.e. throughout the summer.  Winter must be a strange time for puffins: floating in the Atlantic Sea and saying nothing at all.

I first heard this weird mechanical sound, like the whirring of a petrol-powered lawn mower, with the volume turned down real low.  At the time, I was standing beside the Puffin Cam, so I thought it was just that.  But then I moved about 10 metres away from the Puffin Cam and heard the sound again.  It seemed to be coming from the ground.  Listening harder, I realised, Mr Puffins hums like a lawn mower that just won’t start.

You can hear it here.

The sound quality of the recording on the RSPB’s website is excellent.  It doesn’t give you an idea of how it actually sounds out there, on the edge of the cliff.  So, to get the true picture: turn the volume down real low, grin like an idiot, let your brain turn to mush and think what it’s like to get to eat your favourite food after months and months of waiting .  There, that’s what it’s like to listen to a puffin.

Puffins! (No. I am not obsessed.  Oh, okay. Yes I am.)



  1. Looking forward to listening to that link soon. They are such darling little birds, I can see how you are attached to them. And that you got to see them in person is super extra nice. So will you be planning your vacations around puffin habitats?


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