Summer Flowers – Thursday

A break in the pink run:

Purple wildflowers, Wiltshire, August 2009.

Meadow Crane's Bill ,Wiltshire, August 2009.

My favourite flower colour is the blue spectrum.  These flowers lined the hedges and roadsides of our two-day cycle ride from Reading to Bristol, via the Kennet & Avon canal towpath.  On the first day, my partner had both cameras and whenever we stopped together, these flowers were not in sight.  I was worried cycling on the second day.  I had the Ricoh but, for the first few miles, I saw none of these flowers.  I desperately wanted a photo of them.  As I resigned myself to not getting a photograph, these purple blooms waved at me from the middle of a traffic island.  Dragging my bike onto the island and crouching down, I took this photo.  It makes me happy.



  1. i came here for my moment of zen. I really love your pictures. ahhhhhhhh deep breathe. 215am not a good time to do yoga.


    1. nikkipolani
      It’s very helpful if you’re a cyclist – you’re not wearing very flash clothes anyway, they’re covered in bike grease and oil … down into the dirt I go!

      wandering chopsticks
      Hey – that’s a good point. The flowers I *grow* (the very few) tend towards the yellow. And I tend to buy yellow flowers for the house as well. I wonder if …

      It is always a good time to do yoga. Thank you 🙂


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