Summer Flowers – Monday

I really have no idea how people who post daily manage it.  Three days and I’m close to quitting.  I had a day at home today (public holiday) and it got to 1740 hours and I had not turned on the computer.  This is a wonderful thing in our household, when usually, (if we are at home) my, his and our computers all get turned on close to first thing in the morning (yes, all three; we have a fourth, too, but that’s upstairs and for I don’t know what kind of special things because only my partner uses that one).

No, we’re not geeks.

Oh, wait. Yes we are.

But I digress.  Back to flowers.

Heather is one of the flowers I associate with English summer.  It covers entire hillsides near where I live, such that all one sees is acres of pink.  Up close, the individual flowers are cute little bells in neat rows along each stem, and awfully difficult to photograph especially if there is a breeze, which, being England, there almost always is.

Heather, Brecon Beacons, July 2009.

Heather, Brecon Beacons, July 2009.

I took the below photo because the rock resembled a happy guinea pig, sniffing away at the glorious scent of heather.

Heather, Peak District, August 2008.

Heather, Peak District, August 2008.



  1. I don’t know how I used to post every day either. Trying to get back into it is crazy. Well, when I used to post more frequently, I didn’t have to spend all my time uploading, watermarking each photo, cutting and pasting the URL. Just upload and write. I miss that.

    Before the internet made searching for images so easy, whenever I came across the word heather, I pictured a white fluffy, feathery plant. Heather just sounds like it would be. Aha! See, Google tells me it is white grass pampas. Well, since it is a grass, makes sense why I thought the moors would be dotted with them.


  2. wandering chopsticks
    Yes, your prolific posts amazed me because ALL of them were lengthy, informative and excellent.

    Heather does cover the moors – but in pink, not white. I saw it in more abundance last year when we were walking in the Peak District – then, it covered all the distant hillsides in splashes of pink. So dreamy!


    1. nikkipolani

      As a rose gardener and a designed garden person, you would adore English gardens, methinks. Have you heard of Capability Brown? He designed magnificent gardens and his actual handiwork as well as his concepts for garden layout is evident all over England in many of the stately homes. Many apparently natural places are actually also ‘designed’ – most famous example I can think of are the ‘hanger woods’ of Jane Austen country (South West-ish England): certain trees planted on hills (sometimes the hills were built to give the very flat landscape some interest) for aesthetic purposes.

      Oh, but you should come in late May – early June. May in England is glorious.


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