Wild Flower Meadow FAIL

Earlier in the summer, I scattered wildflower seeds in my front yard, and then covered them with some compost and then watered them in and then … went on holiday during the driest, warmest patch of summer England has seen in the almost three years that we have been here.

I came back, still with visions of a gorgeous wildflower (mini) meadow in my front yard.  Meadows I had camped near or cycled past: delicate blooms of red, blue and yellow amidst long grass.   My visions were rather unrealistic.  Our front yard is patch about 2 metres long by 1.5 metres wide and flat.  Wildflower meadows stretch as far as the eye can see on gentle slopes.  However, one can dream.  And, in the realm of wildflower front yards, that is all Oanh will do.

It is late enough in the summer now to know that my meadow will not eventuate.  The yard is nothing but grass and dandelions.  I like dandelions, but they were not one of the flowers in the wildflower seeds packet.

I would, with my usual undauntable optimism, say that I will try again next year.  But I am not sure we will be in this house next year and I am not sure I could again bear the weeks of hope, dashed by a slow wave of heartbreak.

I think I will find a wildflower meadow to camp near.

Dandelions in My Front Yard

Dandelions in my I-can-Believe-it's-not-a-Wildflower-Meadow Yard.



    1. nikkipolani

      Indeed – the recent dandelions are much more delicate looking than the ones that have previously popped up in our front yard!


  1. i love wildflowers…at the old lab, when i first joined, we had open space all around us and my wildflower patch ran rampant. and then one day they put up buildings (and i mean literally o/n – they were tilt ups so no messing about putting the darn things up) and my wildflowers were no more….i had a blog entry up somewhere…

    there was a very thing strip of land left between the two building so the first spring after they built the new building a few wild flowers managed to creep through but they cleaned that up next spring…

    and now i dont even have soil at the new (temp) location let alone grass or wildflowers…



    1. Oh, purple_orchid, that’s sad! You could get a rectangular plant pot and plant some wildflowers in there?

      WA has some absolutely wonderful wildflowers. Have you been to the Stirling Ranges? We were there in Dec 04 – so height of Summer – and there were still gorgeous alpine wildflowers, and heaps and heaps of information telling us just how abundant and beautiful the wildflowers are in Spring. So you should go (if you have not already.) If you’re into it, there’s a fantastic campsite just at the base of Bluff Knoll (WA’s tallest mtn I think, and a pretty easy if somewhat steep hike).


  2. Kirsty

    I have always failed with coriander in BrisVegas, and it bolts very fast over in Eggland. It’s troublesome, that’s fer sure.


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